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Home > Tools > Futures Trading Hours. Futures Trading Hours FREE FUTURES TRADING NEWSLETTER. Trading hours are in U.S. Central Time, the time in Chicago, where CME Group is headquartered, with one exception: hours for Eurozone HICP futures and options are in London time.

Heating Oil - Financial Futures. E-mini Heating Oil - Financial Futures. Gulf Coast Gasoline Futures. Sunday - Friday 6: Nikkei Dollar Futures. Nikkei Dollar Options.

Nikkei Yen Futures. Treasury Note Futures Year U. Treasury Note Futures 2-Year U. Treasury Bond Futures Year U. Treasury Note Futures 5-Year U. Eurodollar Futures Eurodollar Options. Euroyen Futures Euroyen Options. Hurricane Futures Hurricane Options. We know from experience that trader development is accelerated when in the company of profitable and experienced traders. Essentially it is bringing the immense knowledge capital of a collective group of professional traders to you, wherever you are located.

Being immersed in the professional trader's thought patterns and dynamic methodology will enhance your understanding on a Futures trader's approach towards the markets. At Axia Futures it's our relentless goal to ensure that anyone developing a career, is fast tracked in understanding the mindset of a professional and profitable Futures trader and what it takes to be among the best.

The Live Trading Stream is a fully dynamic and Real Time session, watching one of our traders executing in the Live Markets whilst speaking about his observations, approach, trading strategies and performance mindset.

Our traders around the world trade multiple Futures markets and know what Breaking News and setups will affect their markets. The Live Chat Room is the place where they are consistently sharing important Real Time market views and news. The Live Chat Room is now open to the community members who wish to learn and accelerate their dynamic understanding of what the professionals look for in the next market moving event.

It provides our members with direct access to the conversations, across our various Trading Floors, between our traders of all experience - from some of our junior traders to some of the biggest Futures traders in the world.

It is a place of constant learning and development. Our intensive 8-week Career Training Programme offers a unique, cutting edge training carried out in an immersive learning environment not found or developed elsewhere. It is the training that we use to financially back our own traders on our various trading floors. The Training Programme is the product of the collective knowledge and experience of our Elite Axia traders from around the globe. It is skills-based and is built on the methodology of developing intraday Futures traders in the biggest markets in the world.

The foundational aspect of the training focuses on cognitive development utilizing our proprietary learning technology of: The structure of our learning is geared towards developing and unearthing the next wave of Super Star Traders. The beginning of a Trading Career may seem daunting and intimidating.

With all the possibilities and permutations of the financial marketplace of what to trade and what to learn it is crucial that you provide yourself with a training programme that provides you with the solid foundational framework, methodology and approach to develop your core understanding of being a trader in the global financial markets. Our Introductory Course equips the beginner with a well-rounded and solid framework of How to become a Futures trader and of What is needed to become a profitable Futures trader.

The course assumes that the student has zero knowledge on the subject and is geared for training students completely new to the financial markets and the world of intraday Futures trading. The sole objective of the Course is to develop a novice trader into a competent Futures trader.

Each one of our Axia traders has a specific Edge in the market place. An Edge is what skews probability in a trader's favour over a selected time horizon in order to be consistently profitable in the financial markets. An Edge can take multiple forms: Macro and Geopolitical event trading, Breakout trades or Scalping the orderbook.

Every trader needs to develop an Edge to be consistently profitable. Our Edge courses focus intensely on developing specific skill sets in the key areas of discipline and expertise. Each Edge course is built with one aim - to develop a core competence in a specific aspect of trading. Practical applications and drills are used extensively to enhance the cognitive abilities of traders to rapidly accelerate their pattern recall skills in market probabilities and outcomes. The best traders have well drilled edges and the Edge courses provide the ultimate platform to develop one's Edge.

Our traders are some of the world's best and biggest Macro News Event traders. Whether our traders are trading a Central Bank event or a significant geopolitical crisis, there is a fundamental approach and technique they employ to ensure their execution is acted upon with a solid plan and preparation. The collective effort and knowledge shared amongst our top traders at Axia Futures present and unparalleled planning and trading strategy development.

Our Macro News Event Trading Rooms provide our community members with a solid template of how to trade and approach these key market moving events and the skills necessary to execute a solid trading plan. If you are serious about rapidly developing a skill set to trade these volatility events, then ensure that you join our Macro News Event Trading Rooms to accelerate your learning and development.

All great performers have had great mentors. They say that you must absorb learning from those who have blazed a path ahead of you. High-volume scalping by analysing ladder order-flow, price action and correlations across different markets. Key focus on executing leveraged trading positions in multiple asset classes on global macro events, geopolitical events and central bank policy meetings.

Active in G7 bond, currency and equity index futures as well as oil and gold futures. Executes multiple strategies in the G7 bond space using a mixture of profile time structures and contrarian market positioning. Confluence setups that include a strong fundamental trend and a strong market structure. Key technical tools include Volume Profiling and traditional candlesticks. Yield curve scalping and positioning by analysing relative value, price order flow and market profiling across various Fixed Income markets.

Highly active in trading opportunities that arise from Global macro events or diverging government policies across various asset classes.

Past performance is not indicative of future results. This consolidation has formed the "handle" of a possible cup and handle base and if it can hold above and not fail it should open up a good rally to the zone - this is the

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This consolidation has formed the "handle" of a possible cup and handle base and if it can hold above and not fail it should open up a good rally to the zone - this is the Lumber Futures Lumber Options.

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