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His devotion to the college and community is what fuels Fisher College of Business. Read more. Distinguish yourself. Experience Fisher. What separates Fisher College of Business from the rest? It’s a unique combination.

Best Undergraduate Business Schools

The program encourages students to team up and involve the faculty in solving real-world problems of small and large organizations. The program also offers students an opportunity to broaden their knowledge by studying and undertaking internships abroad.

Washington University in St. The McCombs School of Business, one of the top business schools in America, offers students to learn about business from real-life business leaders with the University of Texas Bachelor of Business Administration degree program.

The program ensures that students are able to develop solutions to problems that are currently facing the business industry. There are first-year interest groups FIGs that are meant to help new students connect and push each other to perform to their best abilities.

Their faculty is made of accomplished professionals who are ready to help the students in and out of the classroom. Their award-winning faculty, exceptional resources, and high ranking academics give students a dynamic educational experience with meaningful connections.

The institution also offers students the chance to study abroad and broaden their horizons. In addition, the University of Texas is one of the best value undergraduate business schools, with affordable tuition and a solid return on investment. The several majors and minors available give students the specialized knowledge they need to begin or extend a great career. Students at Wisconsin School of Business are inspired by the team of professional faculty members, their fellow students, and staff.

The University of Wisconsin School of Business is a world-class institution with over corporate partners. Since , the institution has built and maintained good relationships with prominent employers and leading companies to ensure that students learn from the best and are quickly absorbed into the job market after graduation. Students get to learn from the top-notch faculty and gain experience in the real world, making UW one of the top schools for business majors according to the best b-school ranking publishers.

Students have the opportunity to major in several concentrations. The curriculum offered for BBA is challenging but the students have the chance to consult with the faculty and close-knit alumni members. Students graduate from the program equipped with skills that will enable them to become leaders in the industry.

As the first business schools established in the South, Terry is built on the value of hard work, critical thinking, and engagement. The faculty is always encouraged to come up with innovative pedagogy for the students to succeed in the job market, and Terry has been the site of some of the most influential research in business. With reasonable public university tuition, UGA is also one of the best value undergraduate business schools.

The University of Illinois undergraduate business programs offered at the Gies College of Business prepares students to join various fields of accountancy, operations management, information systems, management, marketing, supply chain management, and finance. The school believes in attaining excellence and is filled with visionary leaders to help students achieve their best. Future leaders acquire helpful skills that enable them to unleash their potential upon graduation from Gies College of Business.

The Gies College of Business has been an innovator in business for more than a century, from its beginnings in to today, in a state of the art facility and was the first to earn LEED platinum certification in the world. Their 96 percent job placement rate for undergraduate students is achieved from the career-building program for every student who enrolls at the institution. More than half of the students study abroad at some point in their program, making UI one of the best undergraduate business schools in the world.

As one of the top business schools in US higher education, the Mays School helps students develop enhanced leadership skills and an analytical perspective that enables them to translate complex information into solutions. They have built a worldwide network of over 62, alumni that help current students get internships and jobs when they complete their studies.

Students at Mays Business School are prepared to begin careers that offer many opportunities for growth and development including industry, government, and education. Between affordability and job-market pull, TAMU is one of the top schools for business majors in the nation. Students are able to channel their skills to successful careers with the power to transform businesses positively, whether in international business or the entertainment industry.

The program emphasizes on experiential learning so that students can nurture their entrepreneurial talents and think critically. It also focuses on managerial and leadership development to pave the way for a successful career in business. The institution has formed an unrivaled network around the world that has kept it among the top schools for business careers.

With thought leaders, global contacts, and a world-class faculty, students at the Marshall School of Business have an added advantage that cannot be found anywhere else.

They recognize that the job market is fiercely competitive and students need to stand out from the crowd. At Wake Forest University, students gain a competitive advantage from day one. Students are exposed to opportunities that give them a chance to develop the skills and experience needed in the job market. Classes and activities are developed to ensure that students benefit from team-based learning, hands-on experience, and professional development.

One of the universities commonly named among the Southern Ivies, the faculty at Wake Forest University is made of professionals in the business field who are committed to giving personal attention to all students. The students also benefit from the alumni of the school who are always ready to give a hand. Students graduate from the institution armed with all the necessary practical experience and business knowledge to be able to stand out from the crowd.

Wake Forest is one of the best universities for business in the South. Majors include accounting, information systems, economics, finance, management, marketing, and more. These make Santa Clara University the best place to nurture leaders of the next generation, as well as one of the best universities for business. The faculty at Santa Clara University has some of the most experienced professionals in the industry, with a goal to help students understand and apply their studies in the context of the Silicon Valley environment.

The alumni of the institution work in some of the most recognized organizations in the world. Students have the option of choosing to study part-time or full-time at one of the best undergraduate business schools in the world.

Students have the opportunity to study various topics in finance that will enhance their level of knowledge and give them the tools and mindset to begin their careers.

The curriculum has several topics in finance, including financial investing, venture capital, corporate finance, financial modeling, security analysis, risk management, insurance, and wealth management. With a large number of students, alumni, and staff, Michigan University is in a position to impact business on a huge scale. Graduates from the university are sought after by major industry leaders in pharmaceuticals, medical, technology, automotive, and manufacturing industries, making MSU on of the best value undergraduate business schools.

The Purdue University BS in Management degree program comes from the Krannert School of Management, one of the best undergraduate business schools in the world.

Purdue offers majors in management, finance, and several other fields, as well as minors. There are several careers available in Finance, from financial analysts to investment banking. At one of the top business schools in US public higher education, students are given an opportunity to broaden their skills out of the classroom setting and learn in a team-oriented environment.

Students graduate from the institution with research capabilities, influential leadership skills, and strong personal networks that enable them to enter the workforce and immediately make an impact with a degree from one of the top schools for business majors. The curriculum is dedicated to helping students grow in the field of accounting and succeed in their careers.

They pride themselves as the birthplace of forward-thinking business leaders. The reputation of Baruch College is impressive and attractive, with Zicklin making up a good portion of that reputation. Students choose from many business-related majors, including a number of specialized Marketing programs, such as Digital Marketing and International Marketing. Step out the door and students are in the heart of Manhattan, with access to internships, networking, and a job market that is essentially theirs to choose from.

With an exceptional ROI, and entry into the world of commerce easily at hand, Zicklin is not just one if the top business schools in US higher education, but one of the best value undergraduate business schools as well. With 18 majors and 4 minors, the Kelley program prepares students with a real-world curriculum, enriching elective courses, and an impressive network that ensures students are ready for the job market.

The Kelley School of Business has been offering business courses since and has over years of business excellence. Their business programs are focused on guiding students to succeed in their chosen careers.

Students grow their talents, learn to be humble, and develop the tenacity to withstand any challenges they may face, making IU one of the top schools for business majors in the US. The Pamplin College boasts that this may be the largest student-managed investment in the nation. Students at Babson College learn how to turn their ideas into action. The foundational academic program is designed to help students transition into leaders in the community.

Babson University is well known and recognized for their entrepreneurship education. They provide a thought-provoking environment where students are able to examine their professional and personal identity while connecting with local entrepreneurs, alumni, faculty members, and fellow students.

It is one of the top schools for business majors in the country and was ranked third by Bloomberg among other top universities. Smith School of Business one of the top business schools in US public institutions , offer students a world-class faculty that delivers a state of the art curriculum.

The curriculum is designed to help students get familiar with the practice and theory aspects of finance. It incorporates foundation study in related fields such as economics and quantitative areas. Smith School of Business understands that higher education is not just about educating. They are always accessible to the students in and out of the classroom to ensure that they succeed in both their studies and careers.

Public university tuition and top-ranked teaching make the University of Maryland one of the best universities for business on the East Coast. Fisher gives students the option of twelve specializations for business majors, including unusual offerings such as Aviation Management and Logistics, as well as many other highly ranked programs. Students may even create their own Special Area if their interests are not included in the specializations. As one of the top business schools in US public higher education, the Fisher School shows how business education should be done.

Tippie College of Business is acclaimed by everyone who matters in college rankings, from U. News and Bloomberg to Princeton and the Economist, with one of the best undergraduate business programs in the US. With more than students, Tippie is one of the largest business schools in the US, a comprehensive college drawing students with excellence and opportunity.

A solid ROI and a Public Ivy reputation, from a university that was an internet pioneer, making Tippie one of our best value undergraduate business schools. Students can major in a number of different areas, including Real Estate and Urban Economic Studies, Digital Marketing and Analytics, and Management and Engineering for Manufacturing — majors not available in the average business school.

UConn, of course, is a renowned Public Ivy and one of the best public universities in the US, ranked at the very top in a multitude of fields, particularly business. UConn prides itself on the number of PhDs teaching courses and the high amount of research done by faculty and students. Students at the Carlson School of Management can choose from 10 majors and several more minors, from finance and accounting to management and information systems.

In addition, every Carlson student chooses an international experience in their academic career to expand their cultural horizons and engage in some aspect of international business around the world. A small but welcoming community, Carleson goes beyond the classroom environment and encourages its students to gather outside the academy and become involved and explore the metropolitan area of the Twin Cities — St.

Students pursuing a BS in Business degree have an opportunity to concentrate in 13 areas and add on other majors and minors of their choice. The institution offers an interdisciplinary approach to business that helps students develop skills in their areas of interest such as business analytics, real estate, asset pricing, and luxury marketing, among others.

Some of the hallmarks of the BSB degree include an international studies program which includes a trip abroad and the Social Impact Core which takes an in-depth look at the impact of business on the society. One of the top business schools in US higher education, the NYU Stern School of Business works with the faculty, leading industry partners, and alumni to develop business programs that help students to explore careers, prepare for the workforce, and connect with employers.

As one of the first b-schools in the country, Stern has established itself as a leader in undergraduate business studies. The students and alumni are as diverse and dynamic as New York City itself, and one of the top schools for business majors, with opportunities that are hard to match anywhere else.

Students are first given a firm understanding of all business principles before they are taught how to apply them in the real world. Business majors include accounting, finance, managerial economics, and an unusual BA in Business Studies that combines liberal arts and business. Bentley has been a business schools since , and over a century of excellence the coursework has constantly evolved to keep up with — and help shape — the current trends in the industry. They understand that modern business education is never still and they have to move with the flow.

Students develop skills that are sought after by top organizations. Regardless of where they end up after graduation, students from Bentley University are always ready to take on leadership positions and succeed, with support from one of the best undergraduate business schools in the world.

Students at the College of Business can choose from thirteen undergraduate majors, with unusual offerings such as Retail Management, Professional Sales, and Real Estate.

Majors include finance, management, marketing, and more, but the interdisciplinary concentrations may be even more exciting: Applied Quantitative Finance, Consulting, Business Development, and Digital Marketing concentrations are on the forefront of business education. Graduates from Villanova University are well positioned to begin their careers and almost all of them are employed upon graduation.

The Carroll School of Management, one of the top business schools in US higher education, prepares students to provide services to individuals, businesses, and all levels of government. With a heavy emphasis on business technology, students with a strong interest in areas like business analytics, accounting and information systems, and other technical business programs will be right at home.

They ensure that students understand that learning is not only about the courses they are pursuing but also about what it means to be men and women of today. Because the education they offer is not only about finding a job, but making a difference in the world, Boston College is constantly ranked one of the best universities for business in the US. Students choose majors from the eight departments of the Farmer School of Business, one of the top business schools in US higher education, as well as numerous minors, and special themes, as well as workshops and extracurricular groups.

Miami University is one of the oldest public universities in the US, one of the original Public Ivies, and an education at one of the most acclaimed universities in the nation.

The Farmer School of Business at Miami University is one of the top undergraduate business schools according to Businessweek, and is widely considered a best value. The webpage for the Farmer School helpfully, and transparently, provides information about where their graduates get jobs. Because of the location in the Pacific Northwest, one of the key technology hubs, programs at the Lundquist College of Business prepare students for business in the future, with concentrations in areas like Information Systems and Operational Management, Entrepreneurship, and Finance, though an exceptional Sports Business concentration is also available.

The Lundquist College of Business bills itself as a uniquely Oregonian business school, placing environmental responsibility and sustainability, active lifestyles, financial stewardship, and community engagement at the top of their values.

Offering both a BS and a BA in business, Arizona State University is certainly a compelling option versus other business schools for those not quite sure where their business focus lies.

They have unique concentrations in Tourism, Retail Management, Global Agribusiness as well as the typical majors like, Finance, Accountancy and Marketing. Arizona State University is widely cited as the most innovative university in the US, a public research institution and a powerhouse of undergraduate and graduate education. Carey School of Business has been ranked one of the best public business school in the nation by U.

A low tuition rate and higher-than-average ROI through higher paying starting salaries also makes the Carey School one of the best value undergraduate business schools anywhere. Students can choose majors in fields not always offered by other business schools, such as Sports Management or Energy Management.

The Price College of Business has high marks from U. Eller offers 9 majors, including technology-related business such as Management Information Systems as well as conventional business majors like Business Administration, Marketing, and Finance.

The McGuire Entrepreneurship Program is a special senior-year only program focused on analytical decision making and planning. For residential students who want to immerse themselves in business, U of A also offers a Living-Learning Community, where business majors share a residence hall and learn community-building and networking skills in their day-to-day life.

A strong return on investment and public university-tuition help make Arizona one of our best value undergraduate business schools. The University of Colorado Boulder undergraduate business programs are some of the finest in the Rockies, from one of the best universities for business in the US.

Students have developed interdisciplinary partnerships with fellow students in science, engineering, and other fields to to practice sustainability and social entrepreneurship. Boulder, Colorado is the land of entrepreneurs, and the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado makes innovative education and engaged students its top priority.

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