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Catch can be found on Chartwell Drive in Umhlanga and is the perfect place for those looking for a unique dining experience. The innovative and trendy décor, which has a bold, fishing-vessel inspired theme, perfectly complements the Asian inspired menu that is . Simply put, this Sushi and Grill is an experience to be savoured slowly. The service is attentive and personal – the type you usually only receive when you are a frequent guest at an eatery.

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Your search matched records. Search screen; See a list of all Food businesses operating a Food Safety Programme or Food Control Plan and exempt from the Food Hygiene Regulations

On-site retail and off-site catering. Retail Sale including farmers Markets , fresh raw salmon, smoking of fish, production of raw fish salad and smoked fish products eg salmon pate, fish chowder and salmon bagels , reheating of food for immediate consumption.

Import, storage and distribution of Italian foodstuffs, including chilled goods, frozen goods, shelf stable products and slicing and pre-packing of cheese and meats. Bakery; processing of breads, pastry, soups and deserts; on-site retail sale and off-site catering. Production of gluten free products that may include pies, quiche, pastry, sausage rolls, lasagne and sweet slices. Manufacturing of cooked meat products, including the processing of raw bone-in and boneless injected meat cuts.

Wholesale bakery covering bread products, cookies, christmas panforte, puddings and fruit tarts. Manufacture, retail by gelato cart , dispatch and transportation of gelato, sorbet and icecream. Processing of smoked fish for wholesale and retail sale, processing of fresh fish for retail sale, repackaging of smoked and marinated mussels, and retail sale of pre-packaged food. Off-site sale at farmers markets. Production and packing of a variety of food products that may include grain packs, oils, nuts, tahini,cereals, vinegar, seasonings, sugars and cakes.

On-site visitor caught salmon and processed salmon. Jam, salads, preserved fruits, and bakery manufacture. Preparation and retail sale of bakery, produce and meat products, and repacking of dairy products. Off-site sale at farmers market. Manufacturing and distribution of raw and fresh noodles, fresh and frozen pizza and pizza bases.

Production of mueslis and other breakfast cereals. Products may include nuts, raw seed, dried fruits and specialised powders. Production of gelato, sorbet, frozen yoghurt and dessert products; retail sale of products from refrigerated mobile carts. Retail sale including on selling of external packaged food product. Storage of external packaged product.

Storage and distribution of chilled ready to eat foods. Repackaging of bulk dry commodity foods. Processing of biltong, chilli sticks and UCFM products and uncured cooked meat products. Receiving and processing of frozen products Retail and off-site markets.

Includes vegetable based RTE meals e. This has been confirmed by Neelands Refrigeration after testing of new adiabatic condensers made by Guntner in tandem with Guntner GFW gas cooler products.

The tests have demonstrated the effectiveness of the technology to grocery store clients. For instance, the results suggest that use of the Guntner advanced adiabatic condensers for HFC's will have less than a one-year payback when compared to standard industry condensers or gas coolers depending on actual purchase and energy costs.

The adiabatic condensers installed by Neelands have been approved for rebates under a provincial government plan. With proven performance in reducing energy consumption, Neelands has applied for and received rebates under an energy conservation program by the Ontario Power Authority merged with the Independent Electricity System Operator.

System applications for the efficient automated control of mechanical systems HVAC , lighting and energy performance in commercial buildings are now being developed by Neelands Refrigeration. This new venture is being driven by the use of technology built by Reliable Controls of Victoria, BC. The Reliable Controls are designed for use where the BACnet protocol building automation control networks is specified.

They can, for instance, be configured for small refrigeration-based retailers like convenience stores, delis, bakeries and small markets, giving them maximum energy efficiency. The controls can also be used for functions like air quality monitoring and food processing. One new Neelands customer is using a Reliable Controls installation for blood storage applications. Neelands has found natural synergies with Reliable, given that both companies specialize in technology that delivers environmental benefits.

For instance, Reliable Controls monitor and measure building systems performance, and report deviations to maintain optimal energy usage levels.

All control graphics are custom designed for the client building, and offer very good 3D floor layout schematics with animation. A web server is built into the main controller, offering cost-effective web access to the system from any device with a browser. Micro Thermo Technologies is leading the development of CO2 refrigeration controls in North America -- and Neelands Refrigeration is right there with them.

Neelands has placed itself close to the leading edge of commercial refrigeration technology trends by its association with Micro Thermo. These fully support the use of R CO2 , in an effort to help food retailers adopt lower GWP global warming potential refrigerants and reduce their energy consumption, while ensuring better food quality. The Full Case Controller does so by offering precise control over case operations.

Each TC Rack can control one suction group and up to 12 compressors. Because the system is networked to every other function in the store and to the internet, it delivers predictive operation while enabling retailers to remotely connect for oversight and diagnostics.

This data sharing helps improve overall efficiency and save energy, and advanced compressor algorithms can extend compressor life and reduce downtimes. Deli meats, lobster tails, smoked salmon, imported cheeses, sushi, dim sum, fresh salads Neelands Refrigeration is responding to these demands by offering innovative design solutions to its grocery store clients. That means, for instance, that refrigeration installations are being built within smaller square footage areas, typically in urban locations, and using interior finishes and fixtures eg.

Upscale grocery store installations by Neelands do more than cater to this consumer segment - they also serve as "live showcases" for demonstrating the installations to potential commercial clients. These showcases "give our customers a better understanding of how the refrigeration cases work in different applications," said Topan. Longo's is just one example of success by Neelands in this market segment - boutique grocery store installations are accounting for a growing percentage of the company's contract work.

It's all around us and has a complex, essential relationship with every living thing. That's why CO2 now gets the call for an industry seeking alternatives to refrigerants that are harmful to the atmosphere. The potential benefits are significant, and are starting to build for the company.

This is a " transcritical " system built by Hillphoenix Inc. While the costs of the compressor racks necessary for the CO2 system are higher, the rates for the actual CO2 gas are lower than HFCs eg. The business argument in favour of CO2 says that costs will balance out and eventually be lower for CO2-based refrigeration systems. CO2 is also non-flammable and not poisonous in any common concentration. They are also built specifically for CO2 refrigerant, so the costs to date are still higher than an HFC compressor, " said Quaglia.

But there are no pros and cons in terms of assessing a CO2-based system for its impact on the environment. CO2 is the clear choice over HFCs, which cause depletions to the atmospheric ozone layer and contribute to global warming through system leaks.

CO2 does not break down the ozone layer and the greenhouse effect is a factor of one thousand less than HFC refrigerants, says one study. The benefits of a greener image are now being realized at Neelands. Grocery store client Longo ' s also stands to gain from the same sort of image building.

Supermarkets and refrigeration contractors could all benefit from the greener image we can promote. Nearly six months after it first went online, the CO2-fueled refrigeration system at the Longo's Chartwell location has posted a problem-free record. So far, the only maintenance that has been done is a routine oil filter change. By using CO2 as the refrigerant instead of HFCs, the system generates much lower greenhouse gas levels, and will cut costs for Longo's in terms of energy savings.

It also promises to offset higher installation costs through lower refrigerant leak losses -- a long term payoff that is still in the works. Their lunch menu is also excellent value. Will definitely return and recommend to family and friends. We really do appreciate the organisation, assistance, wonderful ideas and suggestions that contributed tremendously in creating our cherished memories.

It was a perfect evening!! It was stunning and you were great…as usual. Thank you sooOO much for all your help and assistance with our Murder Mystery Dinner the other night.

I really appreciated the extra effort everyone went to in order to make the evening a success and our lives that little bit easier. The food was great and the service impeccable. The service — fantastic!! The food — absolutely great!!

The babysitting service — Carlos, much appreciated — the little party animal will be recommending you to all his mates!!! See you next year!! Reviews We at Little Havana believe that you should hear it from people who have visited the restaurant, whether it be for dinner, a function or a conference.

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A revised evaluation criterion, first introduced in , includes environmental practices. Creature from the Black Lagoon.

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