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About BIS The BIS's mission is to serve central banks in their pursuit of monetary and financial stability, to foster international cooperation in those areas and to act as a bank for central banks. The Extraordinary General Meeting of UBS scheduled for 27 February has to make important decisions in the aftermath of the massive losses incurred by the Bank in the context of the subprime mortgage crisis in the USA.

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The Extraordinary General Meeting of UBS scheduled for 27 February has to make important decisions in the aftermath of the massive losses incurred by the Bank in the context of the subprime mortgage crisis in the USA.

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En-Stock markets worldwide continue to fall. En-Zimbabwe cancels education year for 4. Evropske dez integracije, Fiscal Compliance - structural deficit.

Fiscal Compliance - Structurelles Defizit. When I am up to my neck in debt? GDP Real Growth in General government gross debt and general government net lending borrowing in percent of GDP from Graffiti Berlusconi crisi Milano. IMF prepares to help Hungary and Ukraine. Loan performance in Varous Mortgage-Market Segments. Long-term interest rates eurozone -ar. However, t h e subprime mortgage crisis i n t he USA led [ The volume of new property finance business in ' Das Neugeschäftsbaufinanzierungsvolumen in ,8 Mrd.

T h e subprime mortgage crisis t h at began in [ The commercial real estate market initially felt little. Der Markt für Gewerbeimmobilien zeigte sich zunächst wenig.

The stock market year of stood under the auspices of the financial. Since the crisis in financial markets. The main trends were the ongoing devaluation of the US dollar, the corresponding above-average strength of the euro, rising crude oil. Wesentliche Trends waren die fortgesetzte Abwertung des US-Dollars, die damit korrespondierende überdurchschnittliche Stärke des. Despite the company's continued success in the business arena over the course of the first six months of , ElringKlinger.

Two capital market transactions were undertaken and were successfully completed before the conditions on the debt markets deteriorated sharply. Zwei Kapitalmarkttransaktionen konnten erfolgreich abgeschlossen werden, und zwar noch ehe sich die Bedingungen auf den. Thomas Richterich Chief Executive Officer T h e subprime mortgage crisis o r ig inating in the United States has evolved into a crisis [ These positive developments in the domestic economy were, however, partly negated by a number of challenges on the external front such as the huge global equities sell-offs triggered by losses in the China and US stock markets during the first quarter of the.

In the wake of th e U S subprime mortgage crisis , t he process of securing [ Stock market developments over the last year were heavily influenced by the.

Die Entwicklung der Aktienmärkte stand im vergangenen Jahr deutlich unter dem. The further economic prospects we still consider to be predominantly congenial, even though the. Die weiteren Konjunkturaussichten schätzen wir weiterhin als überwiegend positiv.

Die Unsicherheit en der Subprime Krise w irke n sich positiv [ Most frequent English dictionary requests: Please click on the reason for your vote: This is not a good example for the translation above. The wrong words are highlighted. It does not match my search. It should not be summed up with the orange entries The translation is wrong or of bad quality. Thank you very much for your vote! You helped to increase the quality of our service.

Recognises the excellent work of the ECB in [ EUR zugeführt wurde, wobei dasselbe Verfahren wie bei den normalen Finanzmarktoperationen der EZB zur Anwendung kam; stellt fest, dass dieser Schritt zusammen mit Feinsteuerungsoperationen und umfangreichen wöchentlichen Refinanzierungsgeschäften eine erfolgreiche Stabilisierung der sehr kurzfristigen Zinssätze bewirkte; ist der Auffassung, dass dies erneut den Wert der von der EZB verfolgten gemeinsamen Währungspolitik bestätigt, die die Wirtschaft in Zeiten der Instabilität wieder auf festen Boden stellt eur-lex.

The uncertainty unleashed on the financial [ Following four years of above-average growth rates, the world economy is faced with serious challenges, such as major problems on [ Nach vier Jahren mit überdurchschnittlichen Wachstumsraten steht die Weltwirtschaft vor ernsten [ The Board of Management explained its business and risk [ Oktober hat [ The Board of Management explained the company's current exposure in regards to both credit risks and [ Ferner erläuterte uns der Vorstand die aktuelle Risikosituation der Gesellschaft im Hinblick auf [ Due to the turbulence in the American [ Durch die Turbulenzen in der amerikanischen Finanzwirtschaft ist es schwer [ Despite the tight market situation in the [ Trotz der angespannten Marktlage im zweiten Halbjahr [ The general economic climate weakened over the course of the second half of the calendar year [ Das gesamtwirtschaftliche Umfeld hat sich im zweiten Halbjahr des Kalenderjahres im Zuge der [

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