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Unterschied zwischen Sollbestand und Mindestbestand?

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Hallo, Ich habe im Geschäft eine Bestandesliste für Büroartikel in Excel erstellt. Unter den jeweiligen Artikeln steht dann der Bestand und untendrann der Mindestbestand. Hallo ich muss für die Berufschule das Thema Meldebestand Mindest-und Höchstbestand angucken. Bei einer Übungsaufgabe bin ich mir nciht sicher ob meine Rechung stimmt!

Aber gibt es noch ein Aspekt? Oder hab ich das wesentliche schon genannt? Unterschied zwischen Sollbestand und Mindestbestand? Bei uns werden 3 Zustände unterschieden. Soll dieser Wert soll erreicht werden Ist der tatsächliche Wert Minimum sinkt der Wert darunter wird automatisch eine bestellung ausgelöst LG. Was ist der Meldebestand und was ist der Mindestbestand?

Wie bestimmte ich den Mindestbestand und wie den Meldbestand? There are probably times in most of our lives when we see our technological world as more of a dystopia than a utopia. The way it curbs our freedom, diminishes our privacy, and subjects us to anonymous attacks can feel like an unforgivable violation. The title is nearly perfect, as explained by creator Charlie Brooker: He sued law enforcement, and while in the middle of that suit, he became a suspect of a brand new crime.

I love seeing shows by a theater company and watching the same actors take on new roles with each production: You witness their range and their ability to assume new identities.

American Crime is a repertory theater company brought to the small screen. And unlike American Horror Story , which is all flash and gore, American Crime is rooted in harsh realities. The first season tackled an Army veteran killed during a home invasion. Felicity Huffman and Timothy Hutton play his grieving parents. From these starting points the series fans out to tackle a wide array of social, racial and socio-economic issues and to show how our lives, no matter what our circumstances, are interconnected.

Elfo arrives just in time to witness Bean turn down Guysbert who unfortunately impales himself on a sword. Bean, Elfo, and Luci escape while Prince Merkimer, next in line to marry Bean, and his men chase after her. The group get directions by a fairy to see the Wishmaster, but he turns out to be the Washmaster instead.

With everyone surrounding them, Bean takes Elfo and Luci and jump from a high cliff. Bean, Elfo, and Luci are "rescued" by Merkimer who take them back to Dreamland. At Luci's suggestion, Bean approaches Merkimer with the idea of having a bachelor party before the marriage. At the bachelor party, the entire crew travels to mermaid island in the hopes that Merkimer will be killed by the mermaids. He is instead taken in by walruses who save them from murderous Borcs, though they turn out to be the allied Bozaks.

Bean ultimately loses hope; however, a thirsty Merkimer discovers the "elf blood" which is mostly pig's blood and Elfo convinces him to drink it transforming him into a pig.

While under the influence of Queen Oona's snake root, Bean, Elfo, and Luci run into a gang of gender aware thieves who convince Bean to join them. With Luci's urging, Bean breaks into her ancestors' resting place and steals their valuables, but the thieves betray them and they get caught. Big Jo manages to seal away Luci and leaves. While Bean feels clean and at peace with herself, Elfo convinces her that they need to get Luci back and learn that he, along with several other demons will be tossed into a volcano.

Bean and Elfo get back at the thieves by getting their valuables and manage to reach Big Jo who they end up dismembering and toss into the volcano. When they successfully free Luci, Elfo accidentally causes Big Jo's carriage to roll down the mountain which crashes and frees all the other demons into the world.

Due to her status as a princess, as well as her reputation, Bean is frustrated by the fact that she cannot have a real relationship with anyone. Meanwhile, the residents at the castle throw a party. While Bean seeks to use this to hook up with someone, Elfo wants to use the opportunity to tell his true feelings to her. The party is suddenly overrun by vikings where their leader, Sven, ends up catching the interest of Bean, angering Elfo.

When Bean and Sven are about to make out, Elfo interrupts them and accidentally reveals that Bean is the princess. Sven then reveals his true intent to take over Dreamland and have Bean rule by his side.

The trio trick Sven into drinking the poisoned fountain and get rid of him and his vikings. Bean, Elfo, and Luci calmly watch the sunrise mutually. She meets up with her maid Bunty, her husband Stan and their numerous children. Bean decides to act as an apprentice to Stan who is an executioner and torturer. Elfo stays with Bunty who babies him too much so he runs away into the woods. Bean meets a cackling witch named Gwen with whom she sympathizes. When it comes time to execute her, Bean cannot bring herself to do it and she leaves the kingdom.

She and Luci find Elfo's foot prints when he ran into the woods and follow them, where it is revealed that he came upon the candy house which is now owned by a cannibalistic Hansel and Gretel. Bean and Luci arrive in time to rescue Elfo and Bean ends up killing the siblings with a candy ax, albeit in self defense. Gwen is suddenly cured from a curse and leaves pardoned. Bean once again sneaks off with Elfo and Luci for more debauchery. When they get there, the group puts up with the customs of the Dankmirians who for years were at war with the Dreamlanders due to a canal that was built.

Overcome with the stress of thinking of what to say, Luci spikes Bean's drink and she shows up drunk at the banquet where she humiliates herself and her family and offends the Dankmirians who chase them out of their land. While passed out drunk, Bean, Elfo, and Luci are picked up by the plague patrol who toss them into a pit. As they are about to be burned alive, Elfo tries to kiss Bean, but she rebuffs him. They manage to get out and Elfo claims that he was not trying to kiss her because he already has a girlfriend who Elfo claims is tall, has red hair and one eye.

The trio head to a drug den and while in a state of intoxication, Bean claims to have seen Elfo's girlfriend. She sends the royal guard to go and find her and they bring back a giantess who they later learn is named Tess.

Tess is upset over having been taken from her home, but she agrees to go along with Elfo's charade so that she can get a real working eye from him. Elfo ends up using a crystal ball and Tess is suddenly able to see the truth in everyone. This results in Elfo telling Bean the truth and a fire causes a mob to chase the three and Tess.

With everyone surrounding them, Bean takes Elfo and Luci and jump from a high cliff. Retrieved November 15,

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They manage to get out and Elfo claims that he was not trying to kiss her because he already has a girlfriend who Elfo claims is tall, has red hair and one eye.

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