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"Good luck with the upcoming calving season! ".

"Barbara Hannigan" - U of T Magazine. Canadian universities information: list of our members, facts and stats, quality assurance and undergraduate education and website.


About us Facts and Figures Founded: The Chamber was founded in in Montreal, QC, to strengthen the bilateral economic relations between Canada and Germany.

During the summer and fall, parking at the lake fills early in the day. When parking is unavailable you may be invited to take a free shuttle or diverted to the Lake Louise Summer Gondola while congestion clears. Here are our top tips:. Shuttles run daily from mid-May to mid-October with multiple departures each hour. Staff are available at all shuttle stops to provide information and trip planning advice.

Parks Canada is pleased to be working toward comprehensive public transit in the Lake Louise area. Every destination in the Lake Louise area is beautiful but only some are open year-round. This is when the most popular local destinations are open:.

Ski season begins in mid-November. Some of the Canadian Rockies most thrilling destinations are right on the doorstep. In the same amount of time it takes to reach Moraine Lake, locals and frequent visitors can travel to one of the tallest waterfalls in Canada, the turquoise headwaters of the Bow River, or hike to a wild glacial moonscape above Bow Lake. Female grizzly bear near Lake Louise. In Canada, national parks enjoy special protections that may differ from other protected places.

Walking, snowshoeing or tobogganing? November through June, not all sign-posted destinations are safe for travel. Choose your winter destination from a list of designated trails.

It is located in the heart of the village of Lake Louise. Parking for vehicles and RVs is available in the village parking lot. Planning ahead is essential! There are a few options to reach the lake once parking fills: Ride a paid, private shuttle.

Shuttles are unable to accommodate dogs or bikes. Planning a day hike at the lake? We recommend taking an early shuttle to miss the crowds. Are you a local or frequent visitor?

Why not check out some beautiful places nearby. For details and real time updates visit: The village of Lake Louise and the lake itself are open year-round. The busiest weekends during the winter are: Here are our top tips: Arrive at Lake Louise before 9 a. Strongly recommended for RVs and trailers. Please obey all bear warnings or closures. Things to do Every destination in the Lake Louise area is beautiful but only some are open year-round.

Wait for further instructions form the police officer. Do not attempt to do anything yourself. Always be polite and well mannered. Never try to bribe the police officers, or try to pay the fine directly to him. Attempting to bribe a police officer is a very serious crime in Canada. Depending on which province you are driving in, you will need to switch on your headlights even during the day. Always keep dipped headlights on during low visibility.

In Montreal and Quebec City, it is prohibited to turn right on red. At intersections, directional signs will indicate only which turn is allowed; any other turn is prohibited. Signs alerting drivers to beware of certain wildlife that roam nearby may be seen on some roads. It's not just to protect the animals; deer, elk and moose can be a real hazard for cars and their drivers. They often get mesmerised by car lights and stand frozen in the path of your car, or can bolt across the road out of nowhere.

If you hit one of these large animals, especially a moose, you can be killed. With all these rules and regulations in mind, you will definitely have a smooth ride through Canada. Although the rules might be a bit different from the United States, it will not take time to get used to driving in Canada. All information on this page is provided as a service to our users.

It is not meant to be a comprehensive document, though we try to keep it as updated as we can. We cannot be held responsible in any way for any consequences arising from any inaccuracies. Driving in - An international driver's guide.

Speed Limits Speed limits vary depending on where you are driving in Canada. Seatbelts Seat belt use is mandatory for all passengers, and child car seats must be used by children under 20 Kg 40 pounds. School Bus In Canada, if a school bus stops and flashes red lights, traffic in both directions must comply and stop.

Road Signs Signs and symbols are very similar to those used in most countries around the world, so they display symbols instead of text. Mobile Phones Talking on mobile phones while driving in Canada is illegal. Drinking and Driving Driving while impaired is a criminal offense in Canada.

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When parking is unavailable you may be invited to take a free shuttle or diverted to the Lake Louise Summer Gondola while congestion clears.

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Strongly recommended for RVs and trailers. Multiple realities covers information from several alternate timelines.

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