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Advent for the year is celebrated/ observed on Sunday, December 1st. Sunday, December 1st is the day of the calendar year with 11 months, 0 . Finland Public Holidays This page contains a national calendar of all public holidays. These dates may be modified as official changes are announced, so please check back regularly for updates.

March 03, 2019

A special focus will be on the contribution of new glass technologies to these demands. That is why our eyes will be on smart glass! The GPD conference program will be released in February. Accepted abstracts will be added on the website in the beginning of December. Step Change is the first glass industry startup event in the world, whose goal is to bridge the gap between the glass industry with a space to engage innovators, startups and new technologies. The Step Change ecosystem is unlike anything seen in the glass industry to date.

At the GPD event, we gathered over thirty glass industry startups to showcase and pitch, which provided the startups and industry an insight into how they can work together.

GPD Finland Hotels. GPD Finland participant lists Motivated by the necessity to transfer appropriate and well-structured information among members of the glass industry, GPD advocated for the formation of special workshops during its main event.

Organizers of these workshops are permitted to plan their workshops however they please. They are also allowed to look into any topic of their choice as long as it falls into the category of the conferences main theme and focuses on the techniques and skill related to their topic.

Apart from this, workshop organizers have the right to hand pick their preferred attendees from the list of all those registered for their workshop. If you are interested in conducting a workshop, follow the instructions given on our Guidelines for Workshops. The modular program of the event will consist of the following June , Workshops June 26 — 28, Conference Part 6 parallel technical sessions each day and Exhibition Part, including Glass Expo section for glass product exhibition and Step Change section for start-up companies.

Step Change — A Roadmap for Industry, Innovation and Ecosystem Step Change is the first glass industry startup event in the world, whose goal is to bridge the gap between the glass industry with a space to engage innovators, startups and new technologies.

The early bird participant registration for GPD Finland is now open. While completing your registration, you will also have to choose your participation in the evening social activities and book your hotel room. Please, keep in mind that during the time of the Conference, Tampere hotels are fully booked, therefore GPD has made reservations for all participants in advance. The proposals should be an abstract summarizing the most essential information of your presentation.

The word count in the abstract should be between and it should briefly describe the objective, methods, results and conclusions of your paper. The Volkswagen Polo SUV has been confirmed not that long ago, and it looks more impressive than ever. The car was first seen as a test mule in the mid of Back then it used the body of a two-door Golf but with a higher ground clearance and a slightly longer wheelbase than the Golf.

A few weeks after that the Polo SUV was finally seen with its actual bodywork and it seems rather impressive. For starters, the car is going to be based on the same MQB platform as all the other front wheel drive VW cars out there. However, instead of getting the modular wheelbase found on the other cars, the Polo will be based on the A0 revision of the MQB.

This will sport a 2,mm long wheelbase which is 90mm more than the current Polo. This means that it is only 20mm shorter than the Golf. In order to better differentiate the two VW will use much shorter overhangs on the Polo, so the actual size will be similar to the current model.

However, it will be both taller, and it will use a higher ground clearance than its sibling. From the early prototypes, it seems that the upcoming Polo SUV will get its design scheme. While in the front we may see some resemblance with the hatchback, the car has a more muscular profile, and it seems to have a different rear end as well.

In fact, it makes us think about the new Q2 regarding size. The longer wheelbase and taller structure give it that SUV looks most people are looking for in this price range.

However, this is not that bad. The Polo is already made with great care, and we expect the new model to be vastly improved. Inside we should see soft materials, quality plastics, and a great driving position. The SUV will feature five seats with plenty of leg and headroom. The trunk is expected to be slightly larger than that of the regular four-door Polo and of a similar size to that found on the Golf.

Under the hood

Our strategically setup exhibition aims at increasing your business prospects with exhibitors from all over the world.

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In fact, it makes us think about the new Q2 regarding size. Please note that GPD does not charge any fees for organizing workshops.

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