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Taxi price from La Guardia to hotel near Times Square on 8th Avenue?.

Beim Anfahren läuft das Taxameter ganz normal weiter, es wird nicht neugestartet mit der Grundgebühr. Fahrpreise für ein NYC Taxi (Stand ).  · Taxi Fares in New York, NY (Normal Tariff) $ all taxi cabs leaving nyc airports are regulated by a taxi stand coordinator who asks.

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However, because of a number of taxi cowboys that have given taxis in Athens a bad reputation, here are some suggestions and things to keep an eye on to avoid frustration. Call for and use radio taxis as much as possible. If near a taxi stand, walk there yourself with your luggage and take the first taxi in line. Before you take a taxi, get informed about the normal price of the ride.

All taxis MUST use the meter, if the driver doesn't switch it on when you get in, ask him to. The flat rate will be a lot more than what the meter would record. He may be trying to assess your potential as a victim. Do your own mental calculations of the various charges. Always ask for a receipt before you pay. When you pay, unfold the cash and speak up the amount you keep in your hand. When he is done, give him your money. He will not risk being reported.

Report any taxi scam! If you have been scammed by a taxi driver in any way or have been overcharged, this is what you have to do: There only is one place in Athens where you can officially complain against a taxi driver: The Metaxourghio metro station is about 50 meters from the police building. Only the passenger that paid for the taxi trip can complain with the police as other people did not suffer any financial loss.

You can also inform but not officially complain to: If you can avoid taking a taxi, use the Athens public transport. The metro , bus and tram system in Athens is extremely well organized. It is cheap; it takes you pretty much everywhere you want to go, including luggage and it spares you the aggravation of having to deal with taxi drivers.

The metro is not affected by traffic jams so it may even be faster than a taxi for trips in the city. Rate per km tariff 1 within city limits.

Rate per km tariff 2 outside city limits. Night tarif 2 - Waiting time per hour. Radio taxi - immediate appointment. Radio taxi - appointment in the next few hours. From and to airports. From ports, railway stations and bus terminals. Luggage charge per item over 10 kg. Minimum Fare rural areas. Deligianni Street, Metaxourghio Tel.

Write this down and take it with you to Athens. The most complete informaton guide about Athens, Greece. Taxi cowboys Most of the times you will have an honest driver when you hail a taxi in Athens. Read more… Taxi fares Fares.

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