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Some see signs that bull run has gone the distance

Graham Calls On Trump "To Use Emergency Powers" To Build Wall.

 · What are the 7 signs of a bear market? The bull market for stocks turns 8 this week. Now's the time to watch for signs that prices have peaked and could head for a sustained fall. About InvesTech The Commercial Section of the U.S. Embassy in Ottawa, is hosting invesTech – a customized, full-day workshop targeting women-owned companies looking to grow business opportunities and establish a presence in the United States.

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Presentation graphics is likely to be one of the higher growth areas in , based on figures from a study conducted by International Data Corp.

Because it is a truism that if the graphics can't be presented, then the concept is. In a study. A struggle over which terminal technology — raster or stroke — will be most accepted by users is current- Office Automation: Now, the information you need to plan your office automation strategy is available in an exciting video format — the Conference Journal.

Seven Video Sessions Office Automation: The Essential Issues includes seven minute color video sessions: In Canada, call Plan for OA Success. Order the Conference Journal today. Combining and perhaps confused with these two technologies is the re- fresh-and-storage method of image retention.

A refresh terminal, such as the Digital Equipment Corp. Storage terminals, such as the Tektronix, Inc. For business graphics, the user is expected to settle on the raster and refresh terminals and weed out the others.

IDC predicted that , raster units and roughly the same amount of refresh terminals will be shipped in The cost of these terminals has been dropping and should continue to do so in Perhaps for these reasons. Data base interfaces to a graphics program are more ideal for decision support.

The final and perhaps most tenuous application of computer graphics is for DSS. Again, it depends on the audience for the graphics. Peer graphics, for instance, are more likely to appear on a screen than presentation graphics, which commonly appear on a slide.

Hard-copy output is as rich in technologies as it is in uses. But the latest trend in hard-copy output is the pen plotter. There are two basic types of pen plotters: High hardware costs are a limiting factor in the growth of business graphics. But, like hardware in other areas of the computer industry, graphics equipment costs are coming down, consultant Machover said.

Graphics subroutines from vendors such as Issco, Inc. Displa and Precision Visuals, Inc. However, the purchase of Computer Picture Corp. Despite the growth of computer business graphics, they are not as visible in the average DP department as figures sometimes indicate. Many departments now shy away from the technology because of its disadvantages. Graphics will now help the DP department deal with the proliferation of computer printouts. Shouldn't you have complete computer graphics?

Systems have become so large and complex that it is impossible to evaluate a computer system as a whole. Experts in performance evaluation say the secret to processor rating is a keen understanding of the system's work load — knowing exactly what goes in and what is expected to come out. Bob Bolder, a researcher in Mitre Corp. Horsepower or Horse Feathers? A benchmark that works well for one shop may be inadequate for another.

Choosing the Right Mix Choosing the right job mix is the most critical part of developing a benchmark. Most large processors today have enough raw power to manage just about any application. Most mainframe manufacturers offer software designed to test the performance of the operating system and applications programs.

This "dominant job" method, while successful for some applications, often makes it difficult to project system growth accurately. And a simple command entered from the display keyboard is all that is required to switch from to VT operating mode and back again.

What could be easier? The Series System incorporates a new hybrid approach to system operation that is simpler and more efficient than protocol conversion. Line speeds available are from to 19, BPS. Call our system specialists toll free: Fay noted, however, that the job models require close scrutiny to ensure they test the system adequately.

Mips are generally used as a measure of raw processor power. However, Bob Bolder, a researcher in Mitre Corp. Like benchmarks, models usually require some degree of sophistication to develop. They can also be costly and time-consuming. While benchmarking proponents point out that each shop is different. King observed that how well a processor ran for other users can help the DP manager. If you want to switch to the IBM [Personal Computer], you've got a piece of hardware that may not be worth much on the used hardware market.

At the other extreme, the cost of renting is prohibitively high. And we back 'em up. We u get em on their way to you within 24 hours. At the right price. Order our catalog and receive a deluxe note pad caddy with three highlight markers.

In addition, there is the question of unloading the occasional lemon. For a while, it looked like they might be right. The stated goal of the committee is: By Bruce Hoard cols for local-area data communications networks. In order to provide the standard, specifications are primarily required at the lowest two levels of the ISO model, the physical and data link levels. The revised draft, known as P The best guess is that it will take about six months and sources close to the process say it should be smooth sailing.

The draft P In a bus architecture, the various nodes are all connected to a common bus, or cable, that provides a backbone of the network. Phone SctV0S 02 If there is traffic, it waits, if not, it transmits.

No one had bitten. A very big one. The brobdingagian leader of the pack, IBM. IBM confirmed the transaction. Token passing is also a contention method based on a bus architecture. This method was thrust into the limelight when representa-. And tl token ring technique is de igned solely for baseband networks. Only the token The new Memorex Galaxy Program: The new Galaxy Program fits your budget as well as your With highly attractive package prices. And special lease and financing through Memorex Finance Company.

With years of field-proven experience, Memorex quality means reliability. But if you do need maintenance, one call covers it all. So your downtime stays down. For a free site analysis, just fit us into your schedule. With advantages only Memorex can offer. You get quality, field-proven products.

With the price advantage of Memorex single sourcing. Choose the or Series Disk Subsystems. There is a lot of room to transmit data over CATV networks and a lot of interest in doing so, Bailey added. Graube said the P He pointed out that at one point the spec was also changed to comply with the Blue Book. What does the com- Unix, with change.

Idris is a trademark of Whitesmiths, Ltd. Put off by the UNIX price tag and licensing restrictions? If you are, take a closer look at Idris. Upfront expenses are much lower, you only pay for the parts you ship, and the end-user licenses can be transferable. We wrote it almost entirely in C, for maximum portability across a wide range of processors. And we kept it small. On a bank-switched or Z A very big Idris plus. Find out how you can put Idris to work in your favorite configuration today.

With Idris, you pocket the change. Charlie Bass, co-founder and vice-president of Unger- mann-Bass, Inc. But in a marketplace flooded with products to address this need, your choice of an application development system can be a difficult task.

And this study clearly confirms what Cincom users already know. That's a substantially higher growth rate than all of the other seven systems studied. But while we're very pleased to be the runaway winner, we're even more pleased that MANTIS is becoming the industry standard for on-line programming.

These are merely the highlights of the conclusive Merlyn Study. But the findings are clear. The Comparative Consumer Report. Survey data from Focus Research Systems, Inc. Your strategic software partner. But what happens to people after they are laid off from vendor companies? Do they find other jobs immediately? Do they change careers? Do they sit home and drink? I was hired before any of the others who were laid off at the same time. The fact that he got good recommendations from the Honeywell people he worked with and for during his two years there also helped.

This layoff victim "couldn't be happier," because "I finally got a job in my field. I just need more exposure and feel if I can get it, then I will get a job. Gallant feels that "it will still take some time for other laid-off workers to get hired back at similar types of companies that laid them off.

When the economy turns around, they will be slow to hire back to their previous levels. Division of Damon Corp.

While Damon's outplacement services were "excellent" and are still available to him, Stearns feels this is a "tough time of year" to be looking for a job. I've gotten work just walking in blind to places when there was seemingly no work around. You get the benefits of proven-in-the-field SNA technology. Each of our SNA controllers can actually be two controllers in one. If the main unit goes down, you can just flip a switch and be up and running again.

We have SNA controllers for both local and remote applications. And de- liveries that are a lot faster. So get proven SNA r technology. Call your nearest ITT Courier sales office today. Not just the items listed on the chart above, but perhaps something even more important. The result is a system so comprehensive, the editors of Electronic Message and Mail Systems said: For an in-depth evaluation of this chart, take it to your office-systems expert, or contact us directly at Computer Dr.

IrDataGeneral the-board, with the majority being assembly and hourly wage workers. At the same time, there was some hiring in Fort Worth to fill the gaps caused by employees not willing to relocate. April 7 brought the reduction of the firm's domestic field marketing force by people.

Two-thirds of the layoffs were in Massachusetts. The Santa Clara, Calif. Department r S. Just how many layoffs have there been in the computer industry this year? A survey of some of the larger computer vendors produced the following laundry list: Terminations were across- minicomputer plant was transferred to Salt Lake City, Utah, for a drop from 1, to in Irvine.

A few workers have been called back already. April 30, on May 28 and 2, on Sept. No breakdown is available of worker types.

Grand Total in for Seven Companies: Some have their doubts. In many cases, "those who are really good are not part of the layoff picture," observed one Boston-based employment counselor, "but if there's no choice at a company, the good go with the bad, in which case the good people will have no trouble finding a suitable position very quickly. DP- oriented personnel agencies around the country are getting the word from client companies that new hires are coming soon.

The outlook for is "Fantastic. From the basic to the esoteric; the routine to the imaginative. TYMNET handies more than four million sessions a month — over 4d billion characters worth of virtually error-free information. And, we are almost everywhere. Cost-effective communications is only part of our service to information providers.

We have terminals, too. If you have important information resources and would like to share them with the world, contact us. The job orders to keep them going just do not exist. The local branch of Perry White has shrunk from 25 counselors last year to six this year. With about 2, job applicants in his own files, Armstrong presently is working with two DP job orders. The jobs are for "heavy technical support types," he said, adding that systems analysts can "forget it.

Job seekers "can't even get an interview now Capital spending, the grist of economic growth, was flat this year and is widely expected to plummet in These are the days that give new meaning to the definition of economics as "the dismal science. But cracks in computer industry performance began to show in In the first nine months of , Amdahl Corp. And if the shipment gains of IBM's line of mainframes are omitted from the overall scorecard, growth in the general-purpose computer market was relatively flat this past year.

Cries for protection of U. CCA software to work for you. Bank of America forecast U. Computer Mart Growth Forecast Meaningful recovery from the worldwide recession will occur only if there is a prolonged recovery in the U.

According to International Data Corp. In , this will mean matching IBM dollar for dollar, product for product, Weil observed in a recent interview.

In fact, with a general slowing of world demand, they're apt to become even more feisty. Japan watchers are looking for real growth of between 2. In a recent report, the White House U. All the major Japanese mainframe vendors have interests in U. As of this writing, more than 30 "Our objective: In short, help the firm make more money while at the same time being better able to serve the needs of their clients.

Craig Management is able to serve all of these diverse needs. For law firms with no computers, we provide a service. For those firms who want us to provide the entire solution — computer hardware and software — we can do that also. For a unique approach to meet your growing legal information needs: Sam Guzzardo at CMA. Continued from Page 57 that the U. While the major vendors "have the financial stamina to withstand' another flat year," Weil said "they may not like the financial results in Anticipating consumer confidence, will spearhead a modest U.

Next year will be better, but only slightly. As one analyst put it, "If the recovery is sustained at all in , it will do so only with a lot of luck. ICL will vigorously target the U. In France, on the other hand, the recession may be just picking up steam, economists say. Meanwhile, will see a continuation of rapid and sustained growth in software sales in Sweden, supplied greatly by U. Complete and concise, these guides will offer detailed listings and extensive information in specific product areas.

There will be no other way to get it! Protectionism Selling High Technology By Jake Kirchner The persistently stagnant economies afflicting most of the world's industrial nations have created a crisis in the trade relations between the U. However, most observers expect things to get worse before they get better. Jones, resident scholar at the Washington, D. Our allies, in turn, cite the U.

The resulting ministerial meeting of the Gatt was held in Geneva, Switzerland, in late Novem- Continued on Page 60 Selling High Technology Paae 60 Continued from Page 59 ber, the first such high-level gathering in eight years. In addition, the U. The time has come," he said, "to let our trading partners know that we are no longer willing to tolerate one-way streets.

They give you more power. A single Altos computer can serve up to 16 users. Link multiple Altos' together and communicate in the office of the future today. And save money with fewer interconnects. Since , Altos has delivered more than 30, highly reliable, fully socketed, proven single board microcomputers and peripherals built for business. Ethernet is a trademark of Xerox Corporation. Multibus is a trademark and Is a product of Intel Corporation.

Z80 is a trademark and product of Zilog. If we can't add jobs through trade, we can at least stop the erosion of employment caused by foreign imports, the argument goes. The bottom line is there's a lot of politics in this — not partisan politics, but survival politics. As you can see, the purchase price of a diskette is a small fraction of the total cost of ownership. So why not pay a few cents more for the best diskette available? Every penny you think you save on the purchase of magnetic media could cost you dearly.

Why take the risk when you can have Dysan? Washington GA: Chicago MA: Detroit MN: Louis NY: New York OH: Cleveland PA: Pittsburgh- Philadelphia TX: For the location of the Dysan sales outlet nearest you, contact Dysan at: A Very Good Position "We hear a lot about our problems with Japan, but certainly relative to the rest of the world we're in a very good position.

And the failure of the recent ministerial meeting at the Gatt [General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade] to put the brakes on protectionism jeopardizes the high-tech companies, because it is an area where we have the most to lose, quite simply. Now we're at a fork in the road [trying to decide] which of those two paths we take.

Everybody loses when you start clamping down. There are short-term victories and long-term losses. I think the situation Arthur A. Connect to your mainframe host to get and give data. Cord Cable Company - 3rd Ave. Finan confirmed that point when he said the outcome of. Well, I call it stupid. On the plus side, the U.

The preliminary draft of a study on U. Sources in Washington, D. No decision has been made on this yet; the assessment is undergoing further work at Commerce for final action early in Take job accounting, for instance.

It has the integrity of the full K0MAND system, providing utilization and costing information with over 30 preformatted reports available. In its year history, PACE has established an unequaled reputation for installation, maintenance and documentation.

Every other DBMS was converted from batch to on-line. And some salesman talks you into a DBMS that takes forever to get up and running. And where MODEL responds almost instantly to complex queries under heavy loads, you could grow a long beard waiting for some systems to respond. And if all else fails? Well, you can always cut out our little hat, and plead temporary insanity. Which, inexcusable as it seems, may actually be close to the truth.

And that's what the Atari Democrats are saying. If there is any consensus on these issues, it is that everyone benefits from an open trading system. But given today's economic problems around the world, there is little faith in the current negotiating structures' ability to ensure free trade. The prime instrument, the Gatt, seems a very fragile bulwark indeed. Even the staunch free trader and Gatt apologist.

Brock, admitted the Gatt organization may have outlived its usefulness. But what the U. Local area networks versus broadband. Which will reign supreme? Will they work together? Which to choose, broad band or base band? Your ad in this issue will insure them more complete information on the products in the field. If we don't stand up for the system, no one else will, is how Brock put it.

And when the economy does get better, there are some industries that will never recover. Every developed industrialized nation now understands, at least to some degree, that the future is in high technology. If you'd like more details about new life for your programs just call or write Russ Sandberg. By Robert Batt to gear up for the boom expected in Most of the growth will come in the second half of the year and will occur mainly in the high-tech: The power and performance of a minicomputer.

At the size and price of a micro. Only 29 inches tall. Yet it casts its shadow over everything before it. This single sleek package conceals as much as two megabytes of memory. Plus 60 megabytes of mass storage. And up to 5 additional add-on modules each seven inches wide can boost mass storage to one billion bytes.

And the NCR name guarantees num support, with more than 0 field engineers around the arely begun b ex; Will Get Better Continued from Page 67 a year of price recession as it was of volume recession.

Overcapacity, he claims, led to weak prices. Once the physical demand for semiconductor products picks up, there will be an upturn in prices and profits, Hinkelman predicts.

AMD began preparing for the recovery they were sure was just around the corner. However, the surge in orders was only temporary, and Intel, which had hired 3, extra people, was forced to impose a salary freeze. Rothschild, Unterberg, Towbin, Inc. There are likely to be shortages and dislocations over the next six months, and the leading companies are likely to dominate production at the cost of the smaller vendors.

Because of this, the semiconductor industry is less prone than in the past to lead the economy out of a recession, several analysts have noted. When a vendor goes below the break-even point, he loses a lot of money; above that point, he starts making a lot of money. Among the companies believed heading for major. Some analysts believe there could be realignments within the industry.

As Magid put it, "The industry a year from now will have gone through a very hazardous period. But there will be survivors for whom the outlook is one of three to four years of spectacular growth. So Easy To Access.. For a free page color booklet and a free trial, call our hotline. Manufacturing Control Systems, in integrated modular units. Choose from a variety of data base management systems. Information retrieval and report writing tools flexible enough for management and users, as well as programmers.

Most of them compatible with both interactive and remote batch environments. In black and white or in color. Along with conversion tools to translate from one system to another.

Plus a full range of prompters, optimizers, debugging aids and training tools. Meet a new breed of information specialist. One of the intriguing questions for could be who owns the VLSI system — the manufacturer or the user who employs the system and utilizes the manufacturer as a kind of silicon foundry. The market is a popular one. Unlike monthly magazines, Computerworld covers hundreds of relevant news items each week.

The list grows, so check with us for an update. The countries we currently represent are: For subscription or advertising rate information on any of our publications around the world, write to the publication at the address below. One of the major ways U. In static memories, the issue for the coming year is whether U. James Magid of New York's L. What is the gray market? The chip dealers essentially "launder" the stolen chips. There is also a reverse trade.

Those parts find their way into the gray market and end up with some street vendor in Hong Kong, for instance. There are a lot of holes in the organizational structures of many companies which have grown rapidly over a few years," Zietzke said.

It's very difficult for an end user to keep an optimum amount and when it comes to standard chips, he will often go to any source from which he can get them. In such a situation, a second market grows up and is susceptible to dubious practices.

It functions as a total opetations planning tool for engineering, manufacturing, marketing and finance. State-of- the-art design assures you of maximized efficiency and greater productivity. For years it has been implemented with the Hewlett-Packard Computer. With successful installation, training and support from Western Data Systems, your manufacturing business can establish new direction — moving forward to increased profitability.

Contact a representative today. Choose VSAM processing options to optimize performance. For more details on all our courses and to make reservations call Tom Evslin today at It combines keyboard, video display and K on-line. Have a Planning Job? Want a Stand-Alone Filing System? Get all the facts at your nearest Radio Shack Computer Center. The coming 12 months will either see the Japanese respond to U.

If semiconductor trade conflict between U. While Yawata regards this as a "worst case" scenario, he believes that if the economy continues to be sluggish, the chances of such an outcome increase. But if low profits drive U. Grievances or the Start of a Trade War slowed down as the cartel tries to hold onto its market base. Such practices have forced U. Their strategy is to "outmarket" anyone in the areas in which they are strong — for exam- Productive office work depends on people and their equipment working efficiently together.

That's why we have engineered the exciting, new TeleVideo to perform better than any other terminal. For instance, only our "natural balance" tilting mechanism lets you easily adjust the screen at a touch, so you avoid neck-craning, straining and glare. Our unique keyboard is designed to avoid user fatigue. We've created a natural palmrest, sculpted keys and the best ten-key accounting pad in the industry. Our non-volatile function keys save time and energy Like every feature of the new , the screen is designed for ease of use.

All in highly legible double-high, double-wide characters. Our communications protocol is the industry standard ANSI 3. As you probably know, most terminal downtime is caused by overheating that results from extended use.

There's no such problem with our unique vertical convection cooling tower. And because we wanted to extend the life of your CRT we've installed a screen saving feature that automatically turns it minutes of idle time. The new from TeleVideo. Nothing else looks like it and nothing else can perform like it. For more information about TeleVideo s. James Magid, an analyst at New York-based L. This view of the situation is not, of course, shared by Japanese manufacturers. When it comes to evaluating computer tape, the experts — those who use it every day — are not shrinking violets.

So when we had them surveyed recently, we were gratified to get so many high marks, like the quote above. What they do use it for are critical jobs like data transfer, back-up and archival storage. Yes, but not surprised. Almost 20 years of uncompromising commitment have gone into making Graham Magnetics die tape company. Talk to the Specialist at Graham Magnetics The tape company. There are many factors that influence a firm's decision on when to announce a new product.

Issues like compatibility, upgradability, developing good mass production techniques and maintainability are strong considerations in whether to offer a new technology as a commercial product. Another strong deterrent is the fear of being wrong or at least slightly behind the technological times. To big companies, such an embarrassment can be a painful lesson.

However, to smaller firms, these embarrassments can prove to be fatal. Probably one of the most talked about technologies of this century is computers that do the thinking for you.

But it may not be long before artificial intelligence makes a gradual appearance on the commercial front, according to Howard K. Dicken, president of DM Data, Inc. But none have announced a commercial product. Very specialized packages, on the other hand, have limited audiences and can be difficult to cost justify in a large corporation. The Storage Controversy Current methods of storing data have long been criticized as lagging behind improvements in processor technology.

Proponents of optical recording techniques say data etched into re- cord-like disks is more durable than magnetic recording techniques and offers the big advantage of being able to store pictures, graphs and copies of actual documents along with standard data. Critics of the technology point to the fact that, at present, information stored on optical disks cannot be erased. The Japan Broadcasting Corp. Another drawback is the optical disks' inability to retrieve as much data at a given time as current disk drive technology.

However, finding a place to store many disks, coupled with the current relatively high cost of optical disks, appears to be a disadvantage. And easily accessible to Boston and Logan Airport. Full health club facilities.

And excellent facilities and service for meetings of all sizes. Making your business travels a pleasure. Pike at Exit 12, Rte. Users accomplish their job and data transfers quickly and with less effort.

Job status inquiries may be made from any terminal. For more details contact your sales representative at Software Results at or mail the coupon today. The reason, Doll explained, is largely because the demand for such products is still soft.

Digital termination systems DTS , a microwave-based technology that can be used to bypass a local loop, is probably the simplest technology to develop, Doll said, and some firms will introduce DTS systems within the next year. But, one disadvantage of DTS is that it is more appropriate for data than voice technology.

Full documentation on request. Jobs may also be viewed on CRT. May be used to eliminate RJE printers. Numerous options to assist operators and programmers. However, over the next few years, Doll said, some hybrid satellites will be launched. These units will offer traditional frequencies plus some high frequencies. When it comes to processors, it can take about 15 years to get "around the corner. Now there is a report generator that makes report writing a truly satisfying experience..

The icing on the cake The System 10 includes: Toll free, In California call Koehn's work has always been at the center of the conflict between man and technology. Rochester is the editor of Compu- terworld Extra! Hank Koehn — systems analyst, DP manager, social scientist and futurist — was their choice.

We are now in a postliterate society where people prefer visual information. We see not only change, but choice. Cullinane Decision Support Systems make this possible. This is accomplished via Cullinane's powerful color-graphic business information system that brings database access right into the boardroom. OurOnLine English package lets managers and professionals with no computer background use simple English- language statements to request information from the database.

More importantly these tools are designed to work together under the control of an "active" Data Dictionary. All supported by IDMS—the most advanced database management system, a sophisticated combination of network and relational architecture.

The superior backup and recovery facilities of IDMS provide unparalleled reliability and integrity for online operations. IDMS's unique distributed database capability makes it possible to distribute database access, applications, and decision- support throughout the organization. John, NB February 16 St. Louis, MO February 24 St. There is no charge for Cullinane seminars.

I plan to attend your seminar in: We just can't employ that many people. First of all, they're not talking to each other enough. They need to be upgraded in new skills. We just can't do it. There are thousands of Cuisinarts out there, and we all use them differently. We invent the work place after we know what Continued on Page 88 From the start, the IBM display terminal was designed to be easy to use. IBM at New York for more information. American Computer Group, Inc.

Howto take the strain oft your mainframe with Electronic Filing from Kodak. Storing original-document information in the Kodak IMT microimage terminal can take the strain off your computer. Your mainframe can go back to doing what it does best- manipulating data, not searching for it. At the push of a button.

And it can produce dry, ready-to-use paper prints in seconds, too. Want to make life easier for your filing staff as well? The IMT terminal is so fast and easy to use that it lets your workers perform more lookups. And it locates images so precisely that it almost does away with annoying lookup errors.

It will take the strain off you, too. One Scenario Continued from Page 86 the work is and what the worker is like.

What are your services going to be, what kind of information will you need, what are you going to be doing five to 10 years out? Information per se is useless. It used to be very exciting when they started gathering data about who was going to win. People remember things that are unique. Those things are rarely in a data processing information storage system.

Often, we don't know what to collect, so we collect everything. The next evil is we don't have any courage about what to throw away or ignore. But we have an image from something of the past, which is the reason we reject the change. We have a vague image of the future that allows us to accept and shape the change. Then we share it with the rest of the staff — and that means from the grass roots to the president of the bank.

When he said the medium is the message, no one really understood him. That region of our planet known as the Pacific Rim. Fifty years ago, in the year , a geologist described the Pacific Rim as a "halo of energy," referring to the volcanoes that circle the Rim. But if the Rim's heart is in Hawaii, one would have to say its mind resides in the vast data banks of the L.

VisiCorp is in no way associated with FPI And it solves annoying coax problems in the process. The Coax Eliminator also provides access to locations beyond feet, replacing remote controllers in some instances. And even with this extraordinary reach, you achieve local channel response time for devices at remote locations.

The All-In-One is the only terminal that provides—in a single display—four different screen sizes compatible with models 2,3,4 and 5 of the IBM The editorial staff of Computerworld has devoted weeks to researching and writing the stories in this Forecast '83 issue. Our objective has been not to predict specific events, but only to suggest the forces that are likely to shape the computer industry and affect data processing management next year.

Many of those forces are economic. While inflation and interest rates are down, the federal deficit, unemployment and business failures are at post-Depres- sion highs. Some economists see no upturn until , an election year. The technological fabric is international and interdependent, and we have become one computer world. From this perspective, promises to be an eventful year. Chief among them are end-user computing and the pervasive use of microcomputers.

Many DP shops have been buffeted by these changes and successfully addressed them; those that have not cannot remain immune. Within this issue you'll find articles that explore these and other topics.

Ten Years Ago Dec. The purpose was to avoid ambiguity. The argument that thieves should be punished cannot be challenged in the abstract. Similarly, Computerworld has no basis for the contention that attempts to punish thieves using computers will in some way assist those who want to secure data and the means of processing it. There is no data to support that position. I believe it not to be true. Many of the people responsible for the management of DP facilities have not yet taken the most basic steps to secure their data.

They do not need information provided by attempts at prosecution, as the editorial suggests. It is not the case that DP directors have protected their data against all of the problems they are aware of and now need only to hear of some more offenses and how they happened to add to their list of already-implemented security measures.

We're better advised to implement these measures than to prosecute everybody who succumbs to temptations to which they were unnecessarily exposed. President Robert Courtney, Inc. The song tells the story of a good, indeed a very good, though limited, talent. The phenomenon can be observed in a number of DP departments.

Of course, all of us are aware of the difficult times that those without DP skills, are having. As you probably know, hiring- has come to a virtual standstill around the country except for individuals with talents in short supply, namely, those in data processing and those with such distinguished specialties as hamburger tossing.

Beware of the Sickness It's not my way to be a pessimist, but this has to be said: I know this because it's just around the corner from mine. A few months ago, a good friend, an independent consultant who probably is the best urban planner in Washington, D. The specialist usually possesses such intimate knowledge of both the individual programs and the entire system that he can explain, often without consulting the code, where to make changes in order to effect desired results.

High-Quality Results No question about it, the results produced by the specialist are often of high quality! The results were a universally cold shoulder: There were no new urban development programs, or plans for any, and no end-of-fiscal-year-fund- ing to boot. One who was dropped from the roster had this to say about the experience: After all, the firm had been around for over a quarter century. I was with it for nearly four years, and I figured that, one way or another, it would bail itself out.

One Friday, I walked into the office, heard the announcement, was given the specialist maintains. Over time, the system becomes the sole province of the specialist. No one else would, in many instances no one else could, make changes to the system without the guidance of the specialist. Is such a situation good? Does it really beriefit either the individual or the organization?

Jn such a situation, the specialist will, over time, often find that the technical world has begun to pass him by. I was stunned, I was angry, I was frustrated. At least I thought I did. But there were plenty of jobs: Then I stood in my first line to wait for an unemployment check: I became really depressed. Often, his system, once it is up and operating correctly, will continue with the same basic technology for a considerable length of time. Questions Still Remain While satisfaction can be gained, should be gained, from doing a job well, these questions still remain: False Sense of Security Often, however, this creates a false sense of security.

Because the job is being done, the requirement for adequate backup is overlooked or put off. This can prove to be fatal. What happens when the specialist is unavailable? As this develops, one caution should be observed. I'm tempted to become a Real User.

I assume that Kalafus is not self- employed and that he works within the field of data processing. Trouble is like many religious prophets of ancient history, they were rejected at the time, cast as dour harbingers of gloom and doom. Here are four names and their very public warnings that attempted to jolt the financial and banking sectors out of their sleepy stroll toward the abyss before , as well as their predictions for the next big one, and what to look out for. President of consultancy A.

Describes Gold, "he warned his newsletter subscribers about a housing bust and wholesale deleveraging of household debt that would hobble the economy for years.

John Paulson contacted Shilling in August He called housing a bubble a year before it peaked and warned of bigger problems ahead for the economy and the markets. Per Howard Gold's interview:. But the biggest danger, Stack told me, is from low-quality corporate debt. But though delivered in genteel academic lingo, his paper was powerful and prescient.

You get lulled into taking more leverage than perhaps you can handle. Rajan also sees potential problems in U. Described by Gold, he "said a housing bust would lead to a drop in consumer spending, a bear market, and a recession though at first he thought it would be a mild one , and that credit default swaps CDSs posed a systemic risk. The Dow bottomed at 6, The CDS market is huge, in the hundreds of trillions of dollars and growing dramatically… There is no agency overseeing counter-party risk.

Delta Air Lines (DAL) Outpaces Stock Market Gains: What You Should Know

What are you going to use to live on?

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First, the Coward Erect is in Africa to hype an agenda, part of which is to pander to the black vote and yes, all other voters who do still provide the Coward Erect with some semblance of respect or however they view the regard in which they hold him. All you goldbugs can even visit their webpage.

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