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Plans to "save the world from evil".

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For this reason, the possibility is growing that Abe will be arrested on terror charges when he goes to Davos, Switzerland for the Cabal meeting starting there on January 21, the sources in Chinese, British, Japanese and American intelligence agencies say.

Was he in fact arrested and have you heard even any mentioning of his arrest anywhere? Just imagine the following scenario if you wish. You simply call Benya and tell him that you are an agent of such and such intelligence agency and you have the information he might be interested in.

The thing is, there is no way for Benya to know if you are real or not. Because it is clear to both of you that you can not identify yourself or disclose your code name. So, it is foolish for him to even ask you to identify yourself, even if he uses some secondary means. Then you tell Benya anything you wish or find something really noteworthy published somewhere and you tell Benya that YOU are the actual "source".

Now, what do you expect to happen as a result if not Benya publishing your utter disinformation garbage claiming "according to our 'source' in such and such intelligence agency, we can tell you this: And what are the readers to do but to swallow it "hook, line and sinker" and fall on their sorry "rear end" and say "wow, look at this one". Moreover, some of them, including his quite extensive "support group" will be foolish enough to even begin thanking him and praising him for such "deep insights", like some Prophet.

And ALL of it means what in reality? Or ask yourself the question "did Benya actually try to VERIFY any of it before he actually published all these concoctions", just as any half decent reporter is expected to do in a similar situation, at least if he is not much excited by the idea of loosing his reputation of being a reputable reporter?

It is much easier for a reporter to loose his reputation than to gain it and once he is caught lying, that's the end of him. He may as well "go get a job at some fast food outlet" because no one in his clear mind will ever believe a word of his from then on. There is another question here: Isn't this not even laughable, but simply pathetic? How can possibly anyone in his clear mind classify all this grand bluff as anything but disinformation "to lead the herd by their noses to the pit"?

Allegedly, these "intelligence agencies" have even provided the EVIDENCE, and both, Benya and great so called WDS seem to have simply swallowed it all, "hook, line and sinker", without even trying to verify any of it before they open their mouth in public via their mouthpiece Benya with all these grandiose claims?

In that case, there is question to be asked: If nothing happens even in case where some evidence exists, then what does it all mean? Alternatively, what kind of "evidence" they have and what does it mean the "evidence" in principle?

Is it merely a balloon that you can blow up to the size of a jumbo jet? It seems that if any evidence to such horrific crimes does actually exist, then a court simply MUST arrest the criminals and of such a grand magnitude. All that is needed is to file a court complaint and provide that evidence. Are we missing something here? Yes, understood, the legal issues get complicated in a hurry and we can not possibly know what any court will actually decide to do, especially if that court is corrupt.

For example, Benya talks, for years on, about some "negotiations of surrender" with ZioNazi satanists. It seems that in that case the only thing of concern to them is to negotiate a better "deal" for them in light of their certain failure. But what we see in the world instead is pumping up the violence, including the ZioNazi "revolution" in Ukraine to establish the "New Khazaria" on their "ancestral" lands that historically and undeniably belong and are the motherland of Russians and other native people.

And what we do actually see instead is TOTAL support of even the utmost lies and perversions of satanic grade? So, what does it tell you? Doesn't it imply that the very idea of ANY "surrender" is about the last thing in their minds? In fact, it is highly doubtful that such an idea as surrender can even arise in their minds, filled with evil to the brim, and historical events show it in no uncertain terms. What we can also see is that the so-called governments throughout the world keep passing new and new "laws" to totally shut the mouths of anyone who opposes their servitude to the satanic system of evil.

And we can see more and more violence throughout the world and even the attempts to continue the ancient ZioNazi plans to wipe out the white race from the face of this planet. For example, massive influx of migrants to Europe, which Benya interprets as an attempt to unite Christianity and Islam, which is simply an absurd, may in fact turn out to be a totally different scheme, and that is to destroy the white race via massive influx of colored people, which, eventually and inevitably, will cause of intermixing their blood pools and, therefore, will destroy the purity of their races.

It is well known, even from the "scriptures", that the white race, and especially the Slavs, and even more so, the Christians, not even mentioning Jesus, are the worst "enemies" of ZioNazi satanists. And there is plenty of evidence of it and specific quotes by the highest level "authorities", religious or otherwise.

It is even described in several speeches of the ZioNazi moshiach false "messiah" of "Chabad mafia", Menachem Mendel Schneerson, and other rabbis of world fame. They are defiant because of the composition of their mental and psychic abilities inherent in many generations of ancestral genes that are not subject to reconstruction. That is why this seed is subject to liquidation, and, first of all, a sharp reduction in their numbers.

It is worth looking at that entire page as it contains plenty more quotes by all sorts of "authorities". Is it something even conceivable in light of these alleged "negotiations of surrender"?

Have you ever heard of such a thing in the entire history of mankind? How can the party that has been defeated and that is why it is engaged in the surrender negotiations, still attack, and not to merely attack, but to even pump up the attacks even more? Then WHO is "surrendering" to whom here? Yes, sure, if you ask Benya and his kind, they will immediately invent some "explanation", such as "well, they are simply trying to negotiate a better deal doing all this violence and raising the stakes", and that is precisely one of the reasons why it is merely foolish to even conceive of an idea of "negotiating" with a loosing party.

And German people did pay such huge amounts and for generations that it is simply baffling to see them recover, and not merely recover, but even become one of the most powerful economies of the "free world". Interestingly enough, Adolph Hitler at the very end realized that he was merely trapped with Russia and he left a note describing it before he went to "better places".

And you can find some other similar "explanations" indeed. In that case, about ALL you have to do is to simply "take out" a few heads at the very top of the pyramid and see what happens.

Most likely, they'll get more talkative in a hurry. Don't these "secret societies" have an army of assassins and Ninjas of all kinds?

So, what is the problem here, really? About the only ones that might be difficult to get are the Rothschilds and Kuhns and the "top level" of the pyramid of evil. Simply because they live in palaces and there are dozens of underground tunnels from their places to the outside world. So, try to "get" them. But there are ways to "take out" even those, just as history shows. Probably the easiest way to do it is to use their own servants and closest associates and even their own agents.

Giving enough money, they will even sell their own mothers. If you are aware of the Harvard Project, which had to do with exactly these issues of "taking out" and concurring the states via mechanisms of corruptions, it will be not that difficult to figure out the details of how to do such things. It isn't even as complicated as it might look initially and that is precisely why many "great" warriors and "rulers" of all kinds were killed, poisoned and you name it, throughout history. Very few of them survived and died of natural causes.

And you tell them this: After all, the USA stated numerous times that they will find and destroy any "terrorists" or "enemies of the state" anywhere in the world and any time they want. The precedent is undoubtedly there. And you can also simply declare it as "extraordinary circumstances where 'democratic values' of 'civilized world' are endangered". The US performs the remote killings from the drones on nearly daily basis worldwide and then claim they have killed the "terrorists" or "terrorist suspects".

And we are dealing here not with mere terrorists, but with the worst criminals and mass murderers in the entire history. So, what is the problem here? Just ask Benya, he will give you the list of those, who can be executed without even winking an eye. In days, you will have their signatures and they'll start singing like singing birds "negotiating out" their former cohorts, even though their signature means nothing, literally, at least if one knows their Kol Nidre prayer and realizes what it is to full extent.

Yes, Benya does publish a few things that can be confirmed to be valid and at times even insightful. But the thing is, nearly all of it is already known or understood by implication by those who studied the issues sufficiently. Most of it simply follows directly out of mechanisms and methods of enslavement of mankind. In fact, people might even wait for his reports hoping to learn what is really going on in the world.

Simply because ALL the mass media is profoundly corrupt. But what many people may not even pay attention to is that all the events pretty much inevitably follow if you know how the "system" works. Most of it is simply inevitable, regardless of who and what reports on it.

The mechanisms of evil are the same, the goal of concurring the world is as ancient as the world itself. About the only way to know what is really happening in the world is to see the RESULTS and changes occurring, which will inevitably be reported even by the corrupt reporters and journalists once it becomes obvious. So, just watch the events as they unfold and observe the tendencies.

If you see your rights are taken away, one by one, what possible "progress" could be there regardless of what anyone reports on it? And if you see your rights and freedoms begin to return to you, then what other "evidence" do you need to see what is in fact going on?

All this commotion with Chinese Yuan and moving funds around the world and all these provocations and terrorist acts are nothing more than a part of the scheme. And if you expect that some evil "queen", all of a sudden, begins to support some "bright future of mankind" and humanist projects then there must be a purpose for it and that purpose has NOTHING to do with "saving the world", but to promote the same evil as before.

For example, at this particular junction there is massive operation going on according to ancient goal of ZioNazi satanists to wipe out the white race. This is done by all sorts of terrorist acts and all sorts of "ISIS" schemes in order to create the instability and chaos in the "3rd world", such as African continent.

Well, to Europe and those places where white race resides. And it is done in order to dilute the genetic pool of white race via trick of mixing races and blood with dark colored races, which is simply inevitable when people intermingle. And you don't have be a "genius" to see all that. Because the evidence of it is in nearly every single news report out there.

Yes, they do not report the REAL issues, and instead propose all sorts of scheme to "contain the problem", which is impossible unless you remove the very underlying reason, which is terror throughout not only Africa, but in other regions as well. Because this is a worldwide campain now. The complete removal of all means of reproduction of the so-called Aryan race. Men, we now control the destiny of this race.

It is now time to make sure the White race becomes extinct through miscegenation [incest] and having a virtually zero birth rate. We must expose the race mixing of the urban centers to the suburbs and rural areas of this country. More aggressive programs to integrate these areas are now underway through HUD.

It is worth any price to annihilate the next generation of White children. We want every White father to feel the sting of having their children marry colored mates and produce biracial children. We must use our power to discourage White men and women who still persist in getting together from producing more pure White children.

They will be ostracized by not becoming part of the New Society of all races. This will dissuade most of them. We will deal with the less cooperative goyim [non-jews] by tmurder and imprisonment. Impressionable White children will have their minds molded into the agents of their own destruction.

Already, our efforts have succeeded in making the "men" of this race grovel at our feet. Just ask yourself the simple question "but why do we see such a flood of migrants" all of a sudden? What's "the end goal" of it and what kind of miracle have caused it. Don't you have your own intelligence to SEE what surrounds you? Or do you think you need some Benya "to lead you by your nose"?

Who knows, may be some "answers" are long awaiting within your own Self just to be called upon. The Japan Revolutionary Party and the Japan Independence Party will make their move when the timing is right, party sources say. The move will involve arresting the people involved in fraudulently stealing the last general election for Abe. The "anti-cabal revolt" has been "brewing" for how long now?

And when are we going to see that "timing is right" moment actually manifest? How many more years and generations have to pass for that "timing" to become "right"? If you look, for example, at the ZioNazi coup in Ukraine in , the entire bloody operation to take over the Ukraine took just a few days and a few weeks to initiate the "election" of a new ZioNazi government to legitimize the results of the coup, throw out from the parliament and persecute the opposition parties and establish a totally fascist ZioNazi regime, which, btw, have exceeded the levels of horrors and even genocide even if compared to Germany of the WWII period.

And what are we dealing with in Ukraine is establishment of the so-called "New Khazaria" on the "ancestral" and wealthy lands of Ukraine and south of Russia, just as instructed by the moshiach false messiah Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the 7th Lubavitcher rebbe, the head of the cult that actually "rules" the world, known even by the Israeli rabbis as "Chabad mafia". And "Chabad mafia" is financed by the biggest banking empire on this planet, the Baruch family with estimated net worth of TRILLIONS, if you even begin to comprehend such a number and what does it mean in terms of "power" and "miracles" of all kinds that you see happening.

Actually, compared to what is going on in Ukraine and non-ending vicious attacks on Russia in the media and all sorts of campaigns of utter lies, perversions and fabrications, supported by the entire world, what Benya says in his reports is nothing more than a chicken manure.

You don't have to go to confusing places such as China or Japan to see what is really happening in the world and who is "winning" the battle.

About ALL you need to do is to look carefully at what is going on in and around Ukraine and Russia and SEE how you can "connect the dots" in all these piles of disinformation of literally insane grade.

They go as far as accusing Russia in what is happening in Ukraine and make it look like some Russian military aggression while the real aggressors and even the war criminals of the worst kind conceivable is themselves. They are constantly shelling the civilian people in Ukraine, who refused to submit to this ZioNazi fascist regime, with heavy artillery, even though the people have made their choice during the perfectly valid elections and referendums, where voters stood in mile long lines to vote, that were, nevertheless, flatly denied by nearly all the puppet regimes, called governments, throughout the world.

All this is not even insanity. It is pure grade satanism, perverted, deceitful and violent as it gets. And this is not exaggeration, by ANY means. The so-called UN, which Harold Wallace Rosenthal called the "trap-door" to the global concentration camp, refused to even investigate the barbaric genocide butchery in the city of Odessa on May 2, During that operation they burned alive and massacred about totally innocent people.

The operation codename was "Operation Ola" , which means a Kabbalistic satanic sacrificial act of burning all alive. That single "operation" is the most horrendous violence known to the mankind to this day. Even the WWII simply pales in comparison. They butchered and chopped to pieces hundreds of utterly defenseless civilian people, regardless of their age or gender, with machetes and axes, pured the kerosene mixed with napalm over their heads and burned them alive.

They went as sick as to sexually assault several women, and even men, including the pregnant lady in her last stage of pregnancy, and then suffocated her with the telephone cord and burned the rest of them with the same combustive mix with napalm. Noteworthy is the fact that that lady was merely an employee in the building and had absolutely nothing to do with either side of that horrendous butchery operation. And the police, which arrived nearly an hour later, simply stood there doing nothing.

These are all facts, not fictions of Benya's kind. Just look at the pictures in the following report in Russian. Do ANY of you know about this?

Did this great "insider" Benya tell you about it and all the nasty details and remifications of what is going on in Ukraine? Because precisely THAT area is the main battlefield for the world today. All others simply pale in comparison as far as common issues of the mankind go.

And the unbelievable lies and fabrications, spewed non-stop by the so-called "leaders" of the "free world" look like a direct "message" from the Illuminati to show to the entire world "who's you daddy".

Interestingly enough, the former Illuminati mind control trainer, Svali, had stated in her interviews that in order for the Illuminati plan of takeover of the world to work, the people need "to get used to the new realities" and be introduced to the ways it all "works". Basically, they need to realize and accept the idea that they are merely slaves and unless they agree with those "new realities" they will simply be disposed of and converted into energy, as unbelievable as it may sound.

The machines for that already exist. Just throw any bio-matter into it and what you get on the output is the energy. Illuminati Bloodlines Svali interview. That is probably why you see all these most blatant lies and perversions from the "leaders of free world", simply to show everyone that there is absolutely nothing anybody can do about it.

Else, you are as good as dead. Because what we see with these so-called governments and all sorts of puppet "international organizations" is a direct and precise execution of the instructions coming directly from the "agentur" of the puppet masters on the highest level, such as Rothschilds, Baruchs, Kuhns, Loebs and a couple of others.

Puppet government - pawns in our game. Yes, Benya did mention Ukraine in his reports. But what have you really learned out of it beyond slogans of all kinds? Did he tell you to simply pay attention to the positions of the "world leaders" and the unimaginable lies and perversions they keep puking out nearly every day for more than a year? Did he tell you the meaning and significance of the fact that even the worst crimes, including even those, where forbidden weapons were used by the ZioNazi regime, are not even mentioned in the world media.

NOT A SINGLE violent and destructive act, massive shelling of civilians and destroying the infrastructure has been condemned or even reported, which means that the world media and world "governments" in fact conspire and demonize Russia as though they are responsible.

And we are talking about the crimes against humanity, the most horrendous war crimes in the entire history of the world, only on the par with barbaric destruction of the retreating Iraqi army, where thousands of people, not posing any kind of resistance, were butchered, burned alive and destroyed with the forbidden weapons of mass destruction, while not even firing a single shot in return. If Bush is to be charged and imprisoned in reality, then the most significant crime of his is not even events, but destruction of retreating Iraqi army, not posing any resistance, which constitutes the war crime and of the most vicious and barbaric kind.

Interestingly enough, George Bush, the senior, said: What we see today is the whole world seems to be willing to destroy the entire economic structure of the world, just to provoke and eventually destroy Russia, or, more precisely, to occupy Russia and make it a part of the global ZioNazi satanic empire of evil called the NWO. There are plans to disintegrate Russia and convert it into a dozen of regional puppet regimes and this information is available on the net. Books can be written about this giant conspiracy of evil against the mankind.

What did Benya tell you about this and its implications and ramifications? Not a single comment from his extensive "support group" has been made about the Ukraine and Russia. Like they could care less about "their problems". They do not seem to even recognize that this problem is theirs as much as of anyone else.

And it tells you that the Ukraine is merely used as an excuse and exposable condom to be thrown into a garbage bin of history eventually. Just ask these "leaders" of the world how much do they really care about the Ukraine and "their problems". What IS the value and interests of the "free world" with this black hole, called Ukraine, sucking-in your money, just to be thrown out on massively increasing the military expenses and drastically increasing the size of the Ukrainian army?

These lunatics are even saying that they can defeat Russia by purely military means, which is simply insane and their chances are 0, any way you measure it. What's the "end goal" here? Interestingly enough, the purpose of that military buildup has absolutely nothing to do with "fighting the Russian aggression", which is a myth, peddled on all the media channels worldwide. What does Russia need this totally corrupt and utterly non-functional economy of Ukraine for?

Russia already spans 13 time zone across the world. It has so much of its own territory, that is basically not used, that one needs to be a complete idiot or total disinformation agent to even conceive such an idea as territorial expansion. It has to do with suppressing the "opposition" to this ZioNazi regime and this army is being increased in order to be used against the people of Ukraine in order to protect the agenda of the "Third Khazaria" on the "ancestral lands" of ZioNazi satanists, which is not merely an insane idea, but pure grade satanism.

All the economic ties with Russia have been severed. Within just a single year, these ZioNazi satanists nearly doubled the external debt of Ukraine. The country is totally insolvent and not a single one of these new "heroes" have even moved a finger to HELP the economy to recover. Instead, they increase the price for gas 10 fold!!! Can you imagine this?

When the heating season begins, people would have to pay for gas alone more than they earn. And what about the retired people whose retirement money is half the price for the gas alone? Basically, as soon as the heating season begins, what we are going to see is massive starvation and creation of homeless people whose houses and apartments get confiscated for non-payment of their gas and utility bills, that also increased fold.

Because the number of defections from the Ukrainian army is above the alarming rate. That is why they take money from the working people and give it to the hired murders to kill their own brothers and sisters. Benya talks about the "wars" among some puppets in derivative markets and chicken manure of that level. But every single one of those puppets is "owned" by whom do you think? Do you think these puppets will start fighting each other without the permissions and direct instructions from the puppet masters?

Yes, he does produce plenty of grand myths that shift your attention to some imagined demons and Khazars. But he does not even use the term ZioNazi satanists , even after he informed that he intends to use precisely the term ZioNazi to classify the "Khazarian mafia". Do you even begin to comprehend the implications of such seemingly secondary issue? Because the REAL reason is likely to be the direct instructions from his puppet masters and order to stop using the term ZioNazi, simply because it precisely pinpoints their nature.

Except we chose to call them "ZioNazi satanists", which is even more precise definition of who they are. Because plenty of their "authorities" and "leaders", and of the highest level, state bluntly:.

This was also said by madame Blavatsky Blavatskaya , who created the Theosophical Movement. And this was said by Alister Crawly and a slew of others on the higest level imaginable, including even some rabbis. Here's quite a book about the opinions of the leading rabbis of the entire world as far as ZioNazis go. The Rabbis Speak Out. In this book, those rabbis bluntly state that Zionism is exactly the satanism and that is precisely its very nature.

And we can quote dozens of the most direct statements warning the people about these satanists. Compared to the REAL information, all his hand waving and fuming is nothing more than bluff, very little of which is supported by any real evidence of fact. Have you ever thought that this "quick fix" may take you to "hell", instead of "heaven", where many of you hope to end up, while not moving even a finger to actually do what you can and are capable of in accordance with your creative abilities?

So, the question arises: How does one even define that "right moment"? And these are just a few visible examples of his "reporting". Basically, you can take nearly every single "report" of Benya and if you look at it carefully and do not merely accept all his bluff and wild exaggerations on their face value, but ask yourself the simple questions of a kind "but where is the evidence of it" or "how do I know he is not merely lying or fabricating" or "how do I know this is true", then you won't find a single honest report of a real journalist, who respects himself enough not to publish all sorts of wild bluff, outright disinformation while fabricating all sorts of promises of "bright future" out of thin air.

Is Benya merely trying to fabricate all sorts of hopes for the fools, who do not have enough guts to stand up to it on their own, and instead are looking for some Benya, WDS or gobbledygook to do it for them, while not even moving a finger themselves to take care of that which is dear to them and Life as such?

Haven't they heard the saying: Do they, by ANY chance, think that some Benya, or anyone else for that matter, is going to give them a "free ride" to some "paradise" and "bright future for the mankind"?

Interestingly enough, Benya's writings seem to be performed in his "trademark style". If you look at some of his reports when he worked for the Forbs magazine, you will find pretty much the same bluff, fabrications and "making mountains out of the mole hills" out of mere nothing, or some delusions in his twisted mind, filled with ideas of self-significance and delusions of grandeur.

You can give him any subject or article title and he will invent the most complicated and utterly confused pile of "horseshit", yet sounding so convoluted and so convincing that some people even read that crap, and not only that, but even thank him for his "great insights" while not even able to verify a thing in it. Basically, most reporters that prostitute themselves for money, do exactly the same thing, and that is magnifying the significance of a small piece of chicken manure to the size of a universe.

And they forever have this patholocical attraction to all sorts of complicated notions, phrases and words that have multiple meanings, so that the reader would not be able to "nail it down" and see clearly what they are trying to say. They wave their hands, nod in approval of themselves, trying to convince everyone that their primitive, if not utterly idiotic lies are indeed some kind of a fact.

If you replace their performances with a speech synthesizer and play their 3D models instead of showing them in front of the camera, you are likely to see the entirely different world. Because they are merely puppets. You can hardly find a single honest and real journalist nowadays, who has enough integrity, insight and intelligence to look at the issues in genuinely inquiring way and to see the difference between the outright lies and manipulations and "That Which Is", known as Tattvartha Sutra, or definition of Truth in Jain religion of India.

And that is probably why you see all these pictures of Benya with all sorts of "authorities", "pissing in his pants" in self pride and smiling with his childish, if not degenerate smile of an orgasm of "achievement".

Yes, it is beyond any doubt that "you can lie to others, but you can not lie to yourself", simply because such a thing is impossible. Strangely enough, we are compelled "to get to the bottom of it" with Benya while intuitively knowing that we are dealing with "the dark side". We chose not to deal with it directly, simply because you get sucked-in deeper and deeper with it and there is very little chance that anything will change. Because the evil has no abilities to change, it can only grow, which is the very nature of it.

But we simply can not afford to abandon those naive people who, for whatever reason, did not study the real issues enough and can not quite SEE things clearly with their own eyes. And we know full well, with all sorts of statistical data and evidence, that some people indeed have "woken up", and that is probably the only thing that keeps us involved with this ego-centric megalomaniac Benya, who, at this time, looks like a "hopeless case" to us.

Because he is not likely to change, nor he is likely to change any of his tricks or his insatiable desire to impress, just to prove something to others and, eventually, to himself, and that is "Look how great am I.

All the intelligence agencies, secret societies and even governments, ruling families and even mafia families are lined up to get in touch with me and tell me all sorts of secrets, forbidden to be known by mere mortals, but not to me, Benya the Great! We can pretty much predict one thing: But he will probably manage to keep plenty of "blind fools" in all sorts of "hopes for the bright future" and that seems to be precisely his "job" as ordered by David Rockefeller and "the banking mafia", who is at each other's throat as we speak.

Simply because according to "the plan" there is only one of them will be left at the end and he will be pronounced a "ruler" of this planet, that "wolf in sheep's clothes", as described in the New Testament. The direct servant of Lucifer "ruling family" of this planet. They seemed to have forgotten one thing, as simple as "it ain't happening, Jack". Yes, it is clear, at least to us, that you can hardly find a better disinformation agent then Benya and that is probably why he can afford to have a vacation in the middle of a battle for the mankind and pay for his trips to various places of "influence and power".

Otherwise, where could a poor man like Benya, at least as he paints himself, get this kind of money? It is indispensable for our purpose that wars, so far as possible, should not result in territorial gains:.

Our international rights will then wipe out national rights, in the proper sense of right, and will rule the nations precisely as the civil law of States rules the relations of their subjects among themselves.

The administrators, whom we shall choose from among the public, with strict regard to their capacities for servile obedience , will not be persons trained in the arts of government, and will therefore, easily become pawns in our game in the hands of men of learning, and genius, who will be their advisers, specialists, bred and reared from early childhood to rule the affairs of the whole world.

As is well known to you, these specialists of ours have been drawing to fit them for rule the information they need from our political plans from the lessons of history, from observations made of the events of every moment as it passes. The goyim are not guided by practical use of unprejudiced historical observation, but by theoretical routine without any critical regard for consequent results.

We need not therefore, take any account of them - let them amuse themselves until the hour strikes, or live on hopes of new forms of enterprising pastime, or on the memories of all they have enjoyed. For them let that play the principal part which we have persuaded them to accept as the dictates of science theory. It is with this object in view that we are constantly, by means of our press, arousing a blind confidence in these theories. The intellectuals of the goyim will puff themselves up with their knowledges and without any logical verification of them , will put into effect all the information, available from science, which our agentur specialists have cunningly pieced together for the purpose of educating their minds in the direction we want.

There remains a small space to cross and the whole long path we have trodden is ready now to close its cycle of the Symbolic Snake, by which we symbolize our people.

When this ring closes, all the States of Europe will be locked in its coil as in a powerful vice. The constitution scales of these days will shortly break down, for we have established them with a certain lack of accurate balance in order that they may oscillate incessantly until they wear through the pivot on which they turn.

The goyim are under the impression that they have welded them sufficiently strong and they have all along kept on expecting that the scales would come into equilibrium. But the pivots - the kings on their thrones - are hemmed in by their representatives, who play the fool, distraught with their own uncontrolled and irresponsible power.

As they have no means of getting at their people, into their very midst, the kings on their thrones are no longer able to come to terms with them and so strengthen themselves against seekers after power. We have made a gulf between the far-seeing Sovereign Power and the blind force of the people so that both have lost all meaning, for like the blind man and his stick, both are powerless apart.

In order to incite seekers after power to a misuse of power we have set all forces in opposition one to another, breaking up their liberal tendencies towards independence. To this end we have stirred up every form of enterprise, we have armed all parties, we have set up authority as a target for every ambition.

Babblers, inexhaustible, have turned into oratorical contests the sittings of Parliament and Administrative Boards. Abuses of power will put the final touch in preparing all institutions for their overthrow and everything will fly skyward under the blows of the maddened mob.

They were chained by slavery and serfdom; from these, one way and another, they might free themselves. We have included in the constitution such rights as to the masses appear fictitious and not actual rights. All these so-called "Peoples Rights" can exist only in idea, an idea which can never be realized in practical life. What is it to the proletariat laborer, bowed double over his heavy toil, crushed by his lot in life, if talkers get the right to babble, if journalists get the right to scribble any nonsense side by side with good stuff, once the proletariat has no other profit out of the constitution save only those pitiful crumbs which we fling them from our table in return for their voting in favor of what we dictate, in favor of the men we place in power, the servants of our agentur.

Republican rights for a poor man are no more than a bitter piece of irony, for the necessity he is under of toiling almost all day gives him no present use of them, but the other hand robs him of all guarantee of regular and certain earnings by making him dependent on strikes by his comrades or lockouts by his masters. In accordance with Title 17 U. Section , the information in this document is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for criticism, comment, news reporting, research, educational and humanitarian purposes for the benefit of mankind.

The material on this site is made available in an effort to advance understanding of environmental, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, and social justice issues, etc.

This constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section of the US Copyright Law. For more information go to:. Limitations on exclusive rights: At least at this junction, we decided not to publish Benya's reports as soon as they come out without strings attached. It will be published on Thursdays as he requested. You may also want to check out the Antimatrix BTSync collection to see if anyone with full access key decides to publish it sooner than Thursdays after the original publication.

There is always plenty of people present on that collection, especially during the daytime in Europe, so you can download the entire collection in less than 10 minutes if your connection if fast enough. Download and automatic update of your copy of the antimatrix. Now, this is his life and this is a demand he is placing on it, and he would have to bear all the consequences and eventually learn the lessons he needs to learn and we are not the ones to "fix" him.

It is not our responsibility and not our concern. We are interested in people, not some fake Benyas of all kinds. Now, we are not going to fight with some vicious degenerate. It is not the kind of fight we are interested in spending out energy on, nor do we like to sense all that ugly destructive energy he is emanating in all sorts of ugly thought-forms.

To us, he is nothing more than a disinformation agent, a ghost, and a profoundly sick man that totally lost the sense of reality. Because only a vicious and profoundly sick man can say things like "cease and desist", which, in purely legal terms, means the first step in a legal process. That means that he is willing to go after your throat, like a mad dog. And for the sake and in the name of what?

Some notion of "control"? Or his ability to precisely identify and track every one of his subscribers? His never ending obsession with all sorts of violence, bloody revolutions and things of that nature are simply some of the clearest symptoms and indications of degeneracy, as the obsession with violence, domination and megalomania are forever and inevitably present in the activity of a degenerate.

The question here is simple enough: Furthermore, he would have to PROVE that he is an actual author of what he claims to be his own original creative work.

We do not charge any money for any information we publish, and do not advertise anything, and we do not simply distribute any information to anyone out there. Those, who are interested in it have to find it and access it on their own initiative. Furthermore, we provide the precise links to the originals.

It is a common practice, even among the biggest information agencies in the world, to not object their information being published by the 3rd parities for non-commercial purposes, if they provide the link to the source, which is what we do. To this day, we have never had a single objection even from some of the biggest and most respectable information agencies in the world.

It is our opinion that he could never actually win that case in the courts, no matter what he does. At the same time, we are not going to waste our energy on lunatics of his kind, forever pumping up their chests to show their significance, and all their concoctions, regardless of how much of it turns out to be real or pure grade fabrications.

The only interest and concern we have with his reports is to urge people not to blindly take it all on its face value, but try to use their own awareness and intelligence to SEE how much of it either makes sense or is verifiable or even conceivable.

Because there are plenty of tricks and traps planted in his information that might keep them in delusion and false hopes of all kinds to keep them in a passive state, expecting that someone else will do their work for them of freeing themselves from the chains of evil.

We urge you again and again: Unless YOU, individually, wake up and raise your voice and strength against the all pervading evil, no one, LITERALLY, is going to do it for you, and precisely because your very consciousness and awareness remain on the level of some blind believer in the "bright future of mankind. You have to stand up for what is dear to you and what you consider to be the Truth. No one can do it for you, and even if they could, it would not change even an iota, as you remain as blind, as you have ever been.

For now, this is all we are willing to say on this. We might work on this text and probably move it into a separate chapter. So, if you are interested to see the developments on it, just refresh this page and look at the TOC to see if it has been moved to a separate place. We are also considering adding some commentaries to his previous writings to specifically show the utmost fabrications, perversions and outright lies and fiction he feeds the gullible people who did not take their time to study the issues on their own.

But there is so much of it that it will take some time and may not even be as critical or important in the scheme of things at this junction. On the top of it, we do not have much time to deal with this kind of utterly irrelevant disinformation crap. One of the reasons we talk about this is because at least as a result of Benya's report of October 13, , which contains quite wild allegations that the US military had taken over the FRS, we have seen several articles on the net, filled with joy, excitement and hope that we are finally beginning to see some real changes related to the "banking mafia", suffocating the world, parasiting on it and waging all these utterly unnecessary insane wars, terrorist attacks, causing massive migration, among other things, and all sorts of other madness.

This implies that these writers simply accepted all the typical and quite wild proclamations of Benya on their face value, without any efforts to verify any of it, and, as a result, might have become the disinformation agents themselves, knowingly or unknowingly, distributing falsified information and even making further conclusions out of it.

This, in turn, means that Benya, for whatever reasons, might have become a popular and widely quoted disinformation agent on a global scale, unless we see some evidence of his claims. That is about the LAST thing we need at this particular junction, if ever. And this, in turn, means that Benya, at least potentially, could be massively deluding people. For one thing, he is widely praised and quoted by all sorts of widely followed "talking heads", publishing all sorts of disinformation myths, tales and wild "prophecies" about the "bright future", which, for some strange reason, seem to forever remain behind the horizon.

But the fact of the matter is that we have not seen even a shred of any kind of evidence of the FRS being taken over by the Pentagon, and, if anyone can provide such an evidence, we would appreciate you sending us the links to the articles containing the pertinent information from the trustworthy sources, at least in your opinion.

We would like to look at it with our own eyes and see what it means to us. No need to bother about all sorts of talking heads or any kinds of opinions.

We are only interested in authoritative information that can be further verified. Our position on such matters is quite clear, at least to us: We have chosen to do it as our contribution into the global information war that engulfed this planet and which has been going on for several years now. Basically, a trustworthy reporter can not just report all sorts of "prophecies", rumors, myths and tales, and would never resort to dictatorial tone or threats, because, first of all, it is not his "job".

But what we see with Benya is some kind of "trademark signature" of his and that is to make the proclamations of all kinds, unsupported by any evidence and throw around all sorts of his personal interpretations and unprovable myths of all kinds.

Moreover, most of his myths and proclamations simply do not manifest, at least soon enough to be verified, if ever. A trustworthy reporter better realize that there might be some consequences for effectively deluding people by representing myths and tales and wishful thinking, at best, as some kind of issues of fact and the actual state of affairs, thus creating a totally wrong perception in their minds.

Because it is one thing to be deluded, but it is utterly different thing when you delude the others, simply because you may effectively force them to take the mistaken route in their way of understanding the situation and its meaning, thus affecting their free choice on which way to proceed because of mistaken or totally false conclusions they might make as a result of blindly trusting the information without utilizing their own intelligence.

Yes, in a way it is ultimately their own personal responsibility to check and verify the information and not to allow to be deluded. Thus, the reader may either take a critical position of "unless proven or logically obvious, I am not going to believe a word of it". Or, alternatively, the reader may simply trust it and accept it all in bulk, simply based on that mythical "authority", or the force of conviction of the author.

So, in a way, an author may effectively jam some desirable conclusions with force of "authority" into the minds of the readers, even though those conclusions merely delude the readers and lead them astray. As we can see in the media, it is not that difficult to jam all sorts of utterly false or misleading images into the minds of the readers, going as far, as to totally not report the most significant things and exaggerate utterly meaningless things to the status of some undeniable Truth.

Moreover, it has to be eventually rectified, regardless of anything, and it will be rectified, pretty much inevitably. It is just a matter of time. But Truth can not be destroyed and it will eventually and inevitably come out. But there is a price to pay for any kinds of lies or deliberate distortions. Because that is the Law. As you might know by now, we have a global information war raging on and all sorts of paid disinformation agents are working on the net in nearly any place of significance, and especially on all sorts of forums and discussions of the "hot" topics.

There was a pretty revealing article, published by someone, who claims to have been one of them formerly, where he describes how this "system" works. He was finally disgusted with it, to the point where he decided to go "open air" about it.

The entire "system" is also described in a brochure, distributed hand-to-hand among the "god chosen" people in Russia and its original edition was printed back in It is basically a "simple man's version of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion", except the validity of it is indisputable, unlike of the Protocols. It was also archived in the KGB archives.

Pretty interesting and quite revealing document. Interestingly enough, if you read it, you will be able to see the same exact techniques and tricks of intimidation used to this day, and you might recall all sorts of "strange" or unpleasant situations in your own life, which left a bitter taste in your mouth, simply because you did not know how it "works" and did not understand what happened, as it might have blown your mind to pieces.

Just in the New York subway alone, whenever you happen to bump into someone, it is nearly guaranteed that he is a Jew, who intentionally tries to run into you, just to create a conflict, so that he could justify to himself that everyone hates us, and, therefore, justify his own hate towards 'goyim'. One of the main aspects of these "operations" is that these paid disinformation agents work in groups, like a pack of wolves, which we can also see on the Benya's site and his quite extensive "support group", singing praises to him every time he publishes anything, regardless of what it is and how true or even conceivable it is.

Now, what happens in your mind if you find something objectionable in the original writing, when you see quite a number of people singing praises to it in nearly every single post? Well, it is not surprising at all that you might begin to doubt even your own intelligence. Simply because it is overwhelming, like going against a flood. When some "hot" or "dangerous" information appears, some of the first responses and comments you are likely to see are precisely from disinformation agents.

This happens because in their "headquarters" they use the automated search software to do the searches on the "hot" or "dangerous" keywords or key phrases, nearly non-stop, and that is precisely why some of the first attacks on some "hot" issue you see literally within a few minutes, if not seconds from the original publication. Because these agents are immediately informed from their "headquarters" about the specific thread to attack, even if it is a totally new thread.

Just try to pay attention to the time stamps to see if it is something conceivable. Also look at that time density of opposing comments. That, by itself, might give you an idea on what or who are you likely to be dealing with. Their "arguments" always look like something semi-"rational", "convincing" and even semi-"scientific", even though it is nothing more than profanities, which they won't be able to prove even if they go blue on their face.

They rarely contain any substance or proof of anything. It all remains on the level of a fiction, myth or opinion. They will invent all sorts of "facts" by taking some known information and turning it all upside down, which simply gets plenty of people baffled and they do not even know how to respond to something so obviously ridiculous, if not simply bizarre, and not supported by any kind of evidence. The trick is a standard satanic technique of turning everything upside down and creating grand confusion.

As long as there is no clarity, and especially if they manage to get you off balance and angry or defensive, they are pretty much guaranteed to "win" the case. Well, the thing is that with any REALLY "dangerous" information, the first thing that happens is destruction of evidence and witnesses.

Even if you cite some book or some world famous author, they will still insist: Quite often, they will simply call him "mad" or use their favorite - "antisemite" trick.

If all fails, blame it on this abracadabra called "antisemitism". Aufgrund der zeitlichen Perspektive könne lediglich der Wealth Tax Act als Antwort auf die Herausforderung durch die Populisten gesehen werden. Bis bestanden viele einzelne Sozialhilfeprogramme der Bundesländer zur Linderung der Armut, die mit Bundeszuschüssen aufgestockt wurden.

Öffentliche Rentenversicherungen gab es formell in einigen Bundesstaaten, sie waren aber ausnahmslos alle stark unterfinanziert und damit praktisch bedeutungslos. Das Fehlen einer Sozialversicherung machte die Vereinigten Staaten unter den modernen Industriestaaten zu einem Ausnahmefall. Unter dieser Tatsache litten die Bürger während der Depression. Mit seiner Hilfe sollten die sozialen Probleme bewältigt werden.

Weiterhin wurden Bundeszuschüsse zu den in Verwaltung der Einzelstaaten betriebenen Arbeitslosenversicherungen eingeführt. Zur Finanzierung wurde eine neue Steuer die Payroll tax eingeführt, mit der ein Arbeitgeberanteil und ein Arbeitnehmeranteil an die Staatskasse abgeführt wird. Roosevelt hatte auf einer separaten Steuer bestanden, damit die Steuereinnahmen nicht für andere Zwecke genutzt werden können. Morgenthau berief sich darauf, dass die Sozialversicherungen unbezahlbar würden, wenn diese Bevölkerungsgruppen als typische Geringverdiener ebenfalls Versicherungsleistungen erhielten.

Auch die Einführung einer öffentlichen Krankenversicherung war zunächst nicht mehrheitsfähig. Roosevelt hoffte aber, dass der Social Security Act zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt erweitert werden könnte. Gewerkschaften gab es bereits lange vor Da die meisten Arbeitgeber Gewerkschaften nicht anerkannten, liefen Streiks oft gewaltsam ab, indem Streikende die Streikbrecher gewaltsam am Betreten der Fabrik hinderten und Arbeitgeber Schläger anheuerten, welche die Fabrik schützen und Streikende zerstreuen sollten.

Gelegentlich wurde auch die Polizei gegen Streikende eingesetzt bzw. Dabei kam es immer häufiger zu schweren Auseinandersetzungen mit vielen Verletzten und manchmal sogar Toten. Daraufhin riefen die lokalen Gewerkschaften einen Generalstreik aus, an dem sich Vor allem Robert F. Wagner drängte daher auf eine gesetzliche Anerkennung der Gewerkschaften. Arbeiter durften seitdem nicht mehr wegen einer Gewerkschaftsmitgliedschaft entlassen werden.

Auch ein formelles Streikrecht wurde eingeführt. Die Zahl der gewerkschaftlich organisierten Arbeiter verdoppelte sich von bis auf 7 Millionen. Ford oder General Motors zurück, die sich bis dahin erfolgreich gegen Gewerkschaften gewehrt hatten.

Weiterhin wurde Kinderarbeit von Kindern unter 16 Jahren verboten. Um das Gesetz durch den Kongress zu bringen, in dem Südstaaten-Abgeordnete eine entscheidende Fraktion bildeten, mussten Hausangestellte und Farmarbeiter vom Schutzbereich ausgenommen werden. Die Roosevelt Administration hoffte aber, den Anwendungsbereich des Gesetzes zu einem günstigeren Zeitpunkt später auch auf diese Berufsgruppen erweitern zu können.

Nach Erlass des Gesetzes erhöhten sich unmittelbar die Löhne von Er bezeichnete die Lage als Gleichgewicht bei Unterbeschäftigung. Keynes hatte mehrfach versucht, Roosevelt von einem Konjunkturstimulus durch Deficit spending zu überzeugen. Zu letzteren gehörte insbesondere der Finanzminister Henry Morgenthau. Bereits unter Hoover war eine deutliche Erhöhung der Einkommensteuer verabschiedet worden, welche die Staatseinnahmen erhöhte. Zudem hatte Roosevelt bei Regierungsantritt deutliche Ausgabenkürzungen beispielsweise bei den Pensionen durchgesetzt Economy Act.

Im Ergebnis betrug das Haushaltsdefizit des Bundeshaushalts von bis ca. Schlesinger meint, der Brain Trust sei während des Second New Deal gegenüber der Idee einer keynesianischen Konjunkturpolitik aufgeschlossener gewesen als noch während des First New Deal.

Kennedy bezweifelt das, eine solche Entwicklung lasse sich an der konkreten Politik kaum festmachen. Roosevelt und sein Brain Trust kamen zu der Überzeugung, dass die Arbeitslosigkeit nicht wieder genauso schnell verschwinden würde, wie sie ausbrach.

Damit wurde 3,5 Millionen arbeitsfähigen Arbeitslosen eine bezahlte Arbeit angeboten. Verantwortlich dafür waren neben der bereits gegründeten Public Works Administration seit vor allem die Works Progress Administration unter der Leitung von Harry Hopkins.

Zum Beispiel dominierten einige wenige Holdinggesellschaften den gesamten Energiemarkt. Zu dieser Zeit gab es in den Vereinigten Staaten viele pyramidenförmig organisierte, also mehrstufige Holdings.

Hier musste der operative Teil der Gesellschaft exzessiv hohe Gewinne erwirtschaften, um die verschiedenen übergeordneten Gesellschaften zu finanzieren. Alle mehr als zweistufigen Holdinggesellschaften, die keine triftigen Gründe für diese Struktur nennen konnten, wurden zerschlagen.

Finanzminister Morgenthau bezeichnete den Wealth Tax Act gegenüber Finanzbeamten als ein Wahlkampfdokument, ein Gesetz, das die Staatseinnahmen nur unwesentlich erhöhen sollte. Im Kongress wurde das Gesetz abgeschwächt — kleinere Kapitalgesellschaften waren von den Regelungen weitgehend ausgenommen.

Anders als bei dem Wealth Tax Act stand bei diesem Gesetz eine Erhöhung des Steuerertrags im Vordergrund, da der Kongress kurz zuvor auf eigene Initiative ein Gesetz verabschiedet hatte, das die Auszahlung der ausstehenden Bonuszahlungen für Veteranen des Ersten Weltkriegs — insgesamt 2 Milliarden Dollar — von auf vorzog. Bei der Amtsübernahme durch Roosevelt war der Oberste Gerichtshof überwiegend mit Richtern auf Lebenszeit besetzt, die von republikanischen Präsidenten nominiert worden waren.

In den er- und er-Jahren wurden vier der Richter am Obersten Gerichtshof als die Four Horsemen of Reaction bekannt, denen es immer wieder gelang, eine Mehrheit mindestens 5 der 9 Richter zu organisieren, mit der etliche progressive Gesetze für verfassungswidrig erklärt wurden. Zu diesem Zeitpunkt hoffte Roosevelt noch, dass einer der Richter in Ruhestand gehen würde und die Mehrheitsverhältnisse durch eine neue Richternominierung geändert werden könnten. Nachdem weitere Gesetze, vor allem der Agricultural Adjustment Act und das Mindestlohngesetz des Bundesstaates New York, für verfassungswidrig erklärt wurden, kam Roosevelt zu der Überzeugung, dass der Oberste Gerichtshof alle wesentlichen Teile des New Deal kassieren würde und das Prinzip der Gewaltenteilung zwischen Judikative und Legislative zugunsten der Judikative faktisch unterlaufen wolle.

Auch der ehemalige Präsident Hoover kritisierte die Entscheidungen als einen zu weitgehenden Eingriff in legislative Kompetenzen. Mit der Judicial Procedures Reform Bill of sollte dem amerikanischen Präsidenten die Befugnis eingeräumt werden, für jeden über jährigen Richter, der sich weigerte, in Ruhestand zu gehen, zusätzliche neue Richter zu ernennen.

Sie wurde aber von den Republikanern sowie von einigen demokratischen Abgeordneten als Eingriff in die Gewaltenteilung scharf kritisiert. Richter Owen Roberts , der zuvor häufig mit den Four Horsemen gestimmt hatte, stimmte nun mit dem progressiven Flügel des Gerichts. Am deutlichsten wurde der Wechsel in der richterlichen Entscheidung, mit der das Mindestlohngesetz im Bundesstaat Washington für verfassungskonform erklärt wurde — nur ein Jahr zuvor war das Mindestlohngesetz von New York für verfassungswidrig erklärt worden.

Kennedy geht davon aus, dass die zunehmende öffentliche Kritik an der Rechtsprechungspraxis der Four Horsemen of Reaction und der erdrutschartige Wahlsieg Roosevelts im November bei der Änderung der Rechtsprechung eine Rolle gespielt haben. Nach der Phase konservativer Rechtsprechung begann im Jahr eine längere Phase liberaler Verfassungsrechtsprechung. William Rehnquist fasste den Verfassungswandel wie folgt zusammen:.

Seit gab es keine Reformankündigungen mehr. Roosevelts Bestreben ging seitdem dahin, den New Deal zu verstetigen. Mit der Neubestimmung des Begriffs Liberal bezog er sich auf den Philosophen John Dewey , der bereits für ein neues Liberalismusverständnis plädiert hatte. Diese Neudefinition wurde in der politischen Diskussionen übernommen. Seitdem wird Liberalismus in den Vereinigten Staaten weniger mit der Verteidigung unternehmerischer Freiheit, als mit einer arbeitnehmerfreundlichen Politik assoziiert.

In der Anfangszeit des New Deal war den Menschen nicht klar, ob es einen klaren demokratischen Weg jenseits von Kommunismus und Faschismus geben könnte. Dies veranlasste manche Kritiker dazu auch den New Deal dieser Tendenz zuzuordnen.

Johnson auch personelle Kontinuität bestand. Von Historikern werden Vorwürfe des Extremismus nicht geteilt. Der Faschismusforscher Stanley Payne kommt in A History of Fascism, — zu dem Ergebnis, dass die Idee des Faschismus nicht in die Vereinigten Staaten ausstrahlte und in den USA vorhandene präfaschistische Aspekte, wie etwa Rassismus, während der er in ihrer Bedeutung eher ab statt zunahmen. Historiker haben zwei wesentliche Gründe für die in der zweiten Welle der Red Scare resultierenden Angriffe eines Teils der Konservativen gegen Liberale ausgemacht.

Zum einen war dies die überwältigende Popularität von Franklin D. Roosevelt und der in der Bevölkerung plötzlich aufgetretene Enthusiasmus für Staatsinterventionismus , die in einer kontinuierlichen demokratischen Mehrheit in dem Kongress resultierte. Zum anderen mussten Konservative hilflos zusehen, wie sich die sozialen und wirtschaftlichen Verhältnisse des Landes innerhalb weniger Jahre stark veränderten, was sie als zutiefst schockierend empfanden.

Denn viele Konservative befürworteten eine Freie unregulierte Marktwirtschaft und sahen Staatseingriffe in die Wirtschaft als Sündenfall an. Dewey solche Präsidentschaftskandidaten, welche dem New Deal nicht feindlich gegenüberstanden. Eisenhower , der auch als gewählter Präsident zu dem allgemeinen New-Deal-Konsens stand. In einem privaten Brief erklärte er seinen Standpunkt wie folgt:. There is a tiny splinter group of course, that believes you can do these things … Their number is negligible and they are stupid.

Es gibt natürlich eine kleine Splittergruppe die glaubt derartiges tun zu können … Ihre Anzahl ist jedoch vernachlässigbar und sie sind dumm. Auch unter dem republikanischen Präsidenten Eisenhower erfolgte eine Ausweitung der Sozialversicherungen und eine Erhöhung des Mindestlohns.

Unter den demokratischen Präsidenten John F. Kennedy und Lyndon B. Die Präsidentschaftswahl endete zwar in einer deutlichen Niederlage, die Spekulationen über den Niedergang der Republikanischen Partei anheizte. Auch wurde Nachfragepolitik offiziell abgelehnt und reine Angebotspolitik als Alternative propagiert.

Gleichzeitig erhöhte die Regierung Reagan die Rüstungsausgaben deutlich, was mit ihren typischen Auswirkungen Belebung der Wirtschaft, Erhöhung der Staatsverschuldung eine Form staatlicher Nachfragepolitik war. In jüngster Zeit wurden unter Bezugnahme auf den New Deal Vorschläge zur Überwindung der durch die Finanzkrise ab aufgetretenen wirtschaftlichen Schwierigkeiten gemacht.

Auf den New Deal nimmt auch das Konzept des Green New Deal bezug, mit dem verschiedene Ansätze zu einer ökologischeren Gestaltung der Marktwirtschaft formuliert werden. Die Fragen, was der New Deal eigentlich gewesen ist und wie erfolgreich er war, sind bis heute umstritten. Die Beantwortung der Frage nach seinem Erfolg hängt auch von der Perspektive ab.

Es ist zu klären, ob man den Erfolg oder Misserfolg des New Deal an der Überwindung des bei Roosevelts Amtsantritt bestehenden desolaten Zustands der amerikanischen Wirtschaft misst oder an dem Wunsch nach Vollbeschäftigung, voller Produktionsauslastung und hoher Massenkaufkraft. Einerseits können in der Grundsteinlegung eines Sozialstaates und darin, dass das Recht eines jeden Amerikaners auf einen anständigen Lebensunterhalt zum Bestandteil des Alltags wurde, Meilensteine amerikanischer Sozialpolitik gesehen werden.

Jenseits der Kontroversen gibt es eine Reihe von Feststellungen, auf die sich alle Interpreten einigen können: Mit der massiven Interventionspolitik des Staates in fast allen Gesellschaftsbereichen gab der New Deal einer entmutigten, verunsicherten und richtungslosen Nation neue Hoffnung.

Jahrhundert, die sozialpolitischen Gesetze stellten aber lediglich bescheidene Anfänge dar. Diese Ausweitung ging einher mit einer Verringerung der politischen Bedeutung der Bundesstaaten, die vor dem New Deal eine alleinige Kompetenz für Sozialpolitik gehabt hatten. Die Bürger begannen sich mit ihren Problemen eher an die Bundesregierung zu wenden. Gleichzeitig erhöhte sich durch die gemeinsamen Aufgaben die Abhängigkeit der Bundesstaaten von Finanzhilfen der Bundesregierung.

Die wirtschaftliche Erholung setzte ein und mit Ausnahme eines scharfen Einbruchs im Jahr blieb das Wirtschaftswachstum anhaltend hoch. Es besteht Einigkeit, dass erst die hohen Staatsdefizite im Zusammenhang mit dem Zweiten Weltkrieg zu Vollbeschäftigung führten. Über den Multiplikatoreffekt würde staatliches Deficit spending vielmehr einen selbstverstärkenden Wachstumsimpuls setzen. Keynes analysierte die gesamtwirtschaftliche Situation als Gleichgewicht bei Unterbeschäftigung , weshalb trotz der starken wirtschaftlichen Erholung eine hohe konjunkturelle Arbeitslosigkeit erhalten blieb.

Roosevelt verfolgte zwischen und das Ziel einer geringen Neuverschuldung. Die Fiskalpolitik der Regierung schonte daher den Staatshaushalt, trug andererseits aber nicht viel zur Erholung bei. Zwischen der Abkehr vom Goldstandard und dem Beginn der Erholung besteht nach fast einhelliger Ansicht ein klarer zeitlicher und inhaltlicher Zusammenhang.

Bradford DeLong , Lawrence Summers und Christina Romer war die wirtschaftliche Erholung von der Wirtschaftskrise bereits vor also vor dem starken Anstieg der Kriegsausgaben in den Vereinigten Staaten im Wesentlichen abgeschlossen. Sie gehen davon aus, dass vor allem die Geldpolitik des New Deal dazu beitrug. Danach sei das Problem eher eine strukturelle Arbeitslosigkeit. Insbesondere die Erfolge der Gewerkschaften in der Durchsetzung hoher Lohnsteigerungen hätten bei den Unternehmen zur Einführung von effizienzorientierten Einstellungsverfahren geführt.

Dadurch endeten ineffiziente Beschäftigungsverhältnisse wie Kinderarbeit , Gelegenheitsarbeiten für ungelernte Hilfskräfte zu Hungerlöhnen und Sweatshop -Arbeitsverhältnisse. Dies führte auf längere Sicht zu hoher Produktivität, hohen Löhnen und einem allgemein hohen Lebensstandard. Das erforderte aber gut ausgebildete und hart arbeitende Arbeitskräfte.

Erst als die massiven Staatsausgaben im Zuge des Kriegseintritts der Vereinigten Staaten Vollbeschäftigung brachten, sei die hohe Zahl an ungelernten Arbeitskräften zurückgegangen; dies habe die strukturelle Arbeitslosigkeit beseitigt.

Eggertsson und Christina Romer. Sie sehen auch einen psychologischen Effekt des New Deal als wesentliche Voraussetzung. Der Politikwechsel weg von den Dogmen des Goldstandards, einem ausgeglichenen Haushalt auch in Krisenzeiten und Minimalstaatlichkeit habe die Erwartungen der Menschen dahingehend positiv beeinflusst, dass diese nicht mehr mit einer weiteren wirtschaftlichen Kontraktion Rezession, Deflation , sondern mit wirtschaftlicher Erholung Wirtschaftswachstum, Inflation, höhere Löhne rechneten, was Investitionen und Nachfrage stimuliert habe.

Die Anerkennung der Gewerkschaften habe zu höheren Löhnen und geringeren Gewinnen der Unternehmen geführt, was zu fortbestehender Arbeitslosigkeit geführt habe. Hohe Steuern hätten wachstumshemmend gewirkt, öffentliche Investitionen hätten private verdrängt Crowding-out und staatliche Eingriffe Unternehmer und Geschäftsleute verunsichert.

Eric Rauchway bezeichnete dies als einen Versuch, die wirtschaftliche Erholung durch Bezugnahmen auf einen weniger repräsentativen Indikator herunterzuspielen. Vernon ist ebenfalls der Ansicht, dass die wirtschaftliche Erholung von der Wirtschaftskrise bis gemessen am fortgedachten Trend des Vorkrisenwachstums weniger als zur Hälfte vorangeschritten war.

Der Sinn der Wirtschaftsreformen bestand darin, die Marktwirtschaft zu retten, indem die schlimmsten Exzesse unterbunden und eine stabilere Wirtschaftsordnung geschaffen wurden. Durch Regulierung des Bankensystems und des Wertpapierhandels wurden die Finanzmärkte weniger krisenanfällig. Die durch den New Deal geschaffene neue Wirtschaftsordnung überstand den Zweiten Weltkrieg und auch Wahlerfolge der republikanischen Partei unbeschadet, insbesondere auch weil die republikanische Partei keine ernsthaften Versuche mehr unternahm, wesentliche Teile des New Deal zu ändern oder rückgängig zu machen.

Die Bankreform des New Deal wurde seit den er Jahren gelockert. Da diese weder staatlich reguliert noch durch ein finanzielles Sicherheitsnetz abgesichert waren, waren die Schattenbanken ein zentraler Grund für die Finanzkrise ab und die Weltwirtschaftskrise ab Die Schwarzen und andere Minderheiten erlangten aber auch durch den New Deal keine Gleichberechtigung. Roosevelt war sich jedoch bewusst, dass er politisch auf die Stimmen der demokratischen Abgeordneten aus den Südstaaten angewiesen war, die von einer Gleichberechtigung der Schwarzen nichts wissen wollten.

Er unternahm daher keinen Versuch, die Gleichberechtigung gesetzlich zu erzwingen. Die Schwarzen hatten bis traditionell die Partei gewählt, die im amerikanischen Bürgerkrieg die Abschaffung der Sklaverei erzwungen hatte, also die Republikaner. Dennoch kam es erst in den er Jahren unter dem demokratischen Präsidenten Lyndon B.

Schlesinger und William E. Leuchtenburg sehen den New Deal als eine Reaktion auf die Wirtschaftskrise, die vor allem von Anteilnahme an dem Leid der Bevölkerung geprägt war. Roosevelt and the New Deal — ist ebenfalls aus einer grundsätzlichen Sympathie heraus geschrieben, beleuchtet den New Deal aber mit etwas kritischerer Distanz.

Andererseits bemängelt er, dass diese Probleme nur teilweise gelöst wurden; für die Bewohner von Elendsvierteln, Pachtfarmer und Schwarze besserte sich die Situation wenig. Bernstein bemängelt, dass der New Deal den Verarmten wenig geholfen habe und keine Umverteilung des Einkommens bewirkt habe.

Paul Conkin moniert ganz ähnlich, dass die Ziele sozialer Gerechtigkeit und einer zufriedeneren und erfüllteren Gesellschaft verfehlt worden seien.

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