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Ihr Bewerbungszeitraum für das erste Fachsemester und als Ortswechsler: Oktober Für das Sommersemester: Geänderte Fristen für Quereinsteiger! Ihr Bewerbungszeitraum als Quereinsteiger: Wenn Ihre Fächerkombination mindestens ein zulassungsbeschränktes Fach enthält, ist Ihr Bewerbungszeitraum: Januar Sind beide gewählten Fächer zulassungsfrei, ist Ihr Bewerbungszeitraum: Ihr Bewerbungszeitraum für ein höheres Fachsemester: Bitte informieren Sie sich auf den Webseiten der Studiengänge: This is my first time to write a bad comment on Amazon website.

This product does not like real, the smell is not the same as those which i brought from Clinique website and neither from Nordstrom.

After I used it, my skin becomes dry and dry. I am feeling very sad! Today, I looked at the bottom of the product very carefully, and found the characters and lines on the bottle is strange. Please see the two lines which are above and under "Clinique".

These lines are not clear and there are some dents on that. Meanwhile, the characters on the bottle are not very clear too if I look closely. But it is hard to find the un-clear from the picture. This is the worst experience I had in Amazon!!! The product does not like real, does not smell real, and might destroy your skin! This stuff is great for my oily skin. It leaves my skin feeling smooth and mattified without being too drying and I am less oily throughout the day.

I used to use this in the morning and evening, but I had to stop because it wasn't moisturizing enough after I starting using prescription acne creams.

A few weeks after I started using this Clinique lotion, my dermatologist prescribed me Onexton for acne, and now I put that cream on every night before I go to bed. This Clinique lotion is NOT good for use with prescription acne creams because it is not moisturizing enough to combat that super dry feeling from the medication. The Olay gel applied at night, after the acne cream makes my face feel just like this Clinique does in the morning without acne cream and it doesn't break me out like the Ponds moisturizer did.

Hope that makes sense! I'd heard about this stuff on Reddit but I was not prepared for how truly life-altering it would be. My skin hadn't been absorbing the thicker moisturizers at all. I spent so much time nearly frustrated to tears because nothing I did worked. Then finally someone told me I probably needed a "gel" moisturizer like this one since it was much thinner and easier for skin to absorb. My cystic acne issues have gone away and I can finally wear makeup throughout the day without it piling up due to my constantly wet, oily skin.

I would recommend this stuff to anyone who has trouble absorbing their moisturizer and is therefore experiencing ultra oily skin! Not the real stuff.

The smell and color is a little off, and the consistency is thinner and more oily. I compared this online order to the real stuff that I purchased at Boston Store.

I have been using this product for 30 plus years. My dermatoligist recommended this at age I have tried for years to find anything like it, but I have failed to find anything as good as this. After I wash my face with any product my skin feels like it is going to crack. I have tried drug store brands and I have also been up and down the beauty section at Nordstroms and other high end makeup stores trying every last cream from every company. This is without a doubt my favorite product of all time.

One person found this helpful. The wife says that unless Clinique changed their formula this isn't the same Clinique moisturizer that she's used for years: It doesn't smell the same and it doesn't have the same consistency as the Clinique product she buys at the cosmetic counter.

Too late to return and she won't use it, so a big waste of money..


Read reviews that mention face wash facial soap sensitive skin works well feel like without drying liquid soap oily skin liquid facial highly recommend skin feeling great cleanser using this for years long time skin feels dry skin year old bar soap morning and night facial wash.

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My skin hadn't been absorbing the thicker moisturizers at all.

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