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The series has been largely ignored in The DCU continuity. With the series continuing the original series, it seems the series has slipped completely into this realm. Mike Grell's mini-series off-handedly dismissed the death of Tara, which occurred in issues after Grell left the original series.

The new series seems to ignore Mariah's decision to willingly partner herself with a man who physically abused her. Grell has restored her to her original Action Girl Adventurer Archaeologist persona.

Countdown to Final Crisis was almost discontinuity. However, Morrison who also wrote Final Crisis was forced to cave in and acknowledge Countdown via a time loop scenario: Darkseid wasn't killed at the end of Countdown but thrown backwards in time and possessed the mobster who would become Boss Dark Side, resurrecting his minions in human bodies and consolidating his power base while waiting for his "death" so that he could kill his son and bring the corrupted-by-regular-Darkseid Mary Marvel into his inner circle.

Years before the Continuity Snarl of Hawkman , there was a story, in the original Silver Age s Hawkman series, which threatened to reveal Carter Hall's identity as Hawkman.

He ended up protecting his identity, but publicly revealing that he's a space alien. Needless to say, this was ignored later. They were part of the Genesis Crisis Crossover , and at one point, Power Girl became a member of the team.

And then, in the final issue, it turned out they were entirely fictional within the DCU. This appears to have been for the opposite reason than most; Claremont wanted to separate his creator-owned characters from The 'Verse once his book was cancelled. Illuminati 3 has been treated as such, due to the sheer level of Critical Research Failure on the part of Bendis regarding the original Secret Wars series and the Beyonder.

The s Metal Men miniseries reveals that they are actually human minds in robot bodies and has Will Magnus become Veridium , a Metal Man based on a fictional metal.

This change was not well received and quietly dropped from continuity, along with the Metal Men themselves. When Magnus appears as one of the main characters of 52 , he refers to the '90's series as hallucinations resulting from a psychotic break , and now takes regular anti-depressants to help keep his mind in one piece. Garth Ennis' contributions seem to have actually happened, except for maybe "The Darkest Star". The far future Durham Red stories seem to be out too. A Batman volume came out in the late 80s, followed by a volume 2 in the early 90s.

V2 was released opposite Batman Returns , and features all Catwoman and Penguin stories. By amusing coincidence, the first volume of Batman stories was the second Greatest Stories volume overall after Superman , and thus had Greatest Stories Volume Two on the spine.

So, at a casual glance, all three different books appear to be "Volume Two" of the same series. With the exception of the Static bit, literally all of these plot points were ignored. Supergirl writer Sterling Gates retconned this quietly in Supergirl's Post-Crisis book during his critically acclaimed run, establishing she wore clothes during her space trip, and it was never brought up again. In the same way, most of the stories written by Jeph Loeb and Joe Kelly are disregarded by writers and fans alike.

Later writers have gone back and forth on his Avengers run, though. Bendis' Avengers Disassembled used Austen's plot point about Hawkeye sleeping with The Wasp and suddenly disliking Hank Pym as a key plot point as a conversation about the Wasp's relationship with Hawkeye is what leads to Scarlet Witch accidentally remembering her babies , but Rick Remender's Secret Avengers run once again had Hawkeye and Pym as close friends, seemingly ignoring Austen's story.

Devil's Due Publishing's entire seven-year run of G. A Real American Hero including numerous side titles , intended to be a continuation of the original Marvel storyline, was segregated to its own continuity after IDW Publishing took away the comic book rights from DDP. IDW now publishes its own continuation of the Marvel run penned by its original writer Larry Hama , reprinting the Devil's Due run under the title of G.

This was due to Early Installment Weirdness in it that depicted the Fantastic Four and Doctor Doom much closer to their selves including having been active for a while, and Reed, Sue, Ben, and Doom very much being adults rather than the rookies teens that Ultimate Fantastic Four introducted and, again, issues with Tony's origin.

At one point in X-Men , the lineup at the time Storm, Wolverine, Psylocke, Longshot, Dazzler, Colossus, Havok, and Rogue were killed and resurrected, making them invisible to cameras, and this is treated almost as a second mutant power in the next few dozen issues.

When Chris Claremont left, however, this was completely forgotten, and the lineup at the time are seen on camera without comment from then on. His run in makes a brief mention of this fact with Rogue, but this only serves to muddy the waters further - where it's been mentioned at all, it's explained as a side effect of the Siege Perilous, except that Wolverine and Longshot never went through it, and Rogue did.

Common fan explanation is that Roma quietly revoked the "invisibility" gift around the time of the Xtinction Agenda crossover which is where Claremont actively stopped referencing it and that the gift itself may have been contingent on the X-Men both possessing and going through the Siege Perilous.

Another possibility is in Excalibur when Meggan destroyed the Lighthouse, which was considered the "Lynchpin of the Multiverse", and its destruction may have disrupted Roma's powers. It happened shortly before Xtinction Agenda , which would explain the X-Men being able to be seen on television during the storyline and afterwards.

The End was speculated to be in continuity. Tom Brevoort has stated it is not in continuity. Nextwave is probably the oddest example of this trope ever made. Officially, it is not canonical, but most fans and quite a few writers!

This has caused some of the lunacy contained within the series mainly the parts containing Aaron Stack and the other team members to spill into the Marvel mainstream. The Beyond Corporation from the series later reappeared in Mighty Avengers. The official explanation is that the series is canonical, but took place in an alternate universe that Monica and the others had been kidnapped and sent to.

Monica claims that once she got back to Earth, everyone around her assumed she was insane whenever she brought up the events of Nextwave. Secret Invasion ignored the X-Statix Presents: Dead Girl mini-series, where the Avengers member Mockingbird appeared in the afterlife. Invasion established that Mockingbird had never really died in the first place, making the series moot. However, the series' artist Nick Dragotta did later imply the events of the series were somehow still canonical when discussing the new Miss America he created for the Vengeance mini-series, making the Dead Girl's canonicity difficult to determine.

Along those same lines, Brian Michael Bendis brought back The Wasp after killing her in Secret Invasion , with the explanation that she'd never really died in the first place.

However, Wasp had earlier appeared in an issue of The Incredible Hercules where she was seen in the Greek Underworld, establishing that she was indeed dead. Though since the fandom was quite happy to have Jan back, there wasn't too much fuss.

Jeph Loeb and Daniel Way's critically-panned series Wolverine: Origins had the premise of exploring Wolverine 's Mysterious Past , which by that point had already been quite fleshed-out, so the series consisted of the writers inserting new, unknown elements of his history in among the existing stuff, making Wolverine's origin you know, the thing this series was supposed to be clearing up? Among the "revelations" made were the fact that Wolverine is not a mutant after all but rather a "lupine," a species that looks completely human but is actually canine rather than primate in origin , and that Logan's mysterious, immortal ancestor, the founder of "lupine" society, had been behind basically every threat he'd ever faced, including the Weapon Plus program even though the mastermind of that had already been revealed as someone else in a far better story.

This was swept under the rug almost immediately after the series ended; whenever Logan's species has been referred to since then, he's always been called a human mutant, and the writer of a miniseries set during the same time period as Origins confirmed he'll be ignoring it, quite simply because it would be too confusing to acknowledge.

Except the plot thread is still continuing in Wolverine If a writer writes anything involving the Phoenix Force, it is bound to be rendered non-canonical by the next writer that writes something involving Phoenix. Most notably, Avengers vs. X-Men ignored the Alan Davis-penned Phoenix Force stories from his Excalibur run, which among other things established the Phoenix Force as Merlin's private energy reserve stash based off of the lifeblood of the universe, as well as establishing that any usage of the Phoenix Force is enough to bring the various cosmic forces down upon the wielder, as every time a user uses the Phoenix Force, the collective life force of the universe is drained.

Endsong , which was a sequel to The Dark Phoenix Saga , was declared non-canonical almost as soon as it was written. It was not until Avengers vs. X-Men that it was restored to canonicity, with Wolverine giving a vague recap of the story to the Avengers when discussing how the Phoenix Force possessed Jean's corpse and why Scott Summers was batshit insane to want to try and force Hope to bear its power. Everything previously established about the White Queen complete with her being in her 40s was wiped out by the combination of Grant Morrison 's New X-Men run and Emma Frost 's short-lived flashback ongoing series.

They subsequently hired new, usually unnamed artists to take on the series instead. Some years later, the courts awarded him the full ownership rights for the series, and he proceeded to ban the publishers from ever again reprinting any of the books he hadn't authored and get rid of all the characters he had been forced to write in but didn't really like.

Adam Strange 's late Eighties turn to the Darker and Edgier has become this, as most later writers ignored the ideas in it other than the introduction of Aleea, Adam and Alanna's daughter. Oddly, however, all five issues of this phase have been reprinted by DC in glossy full color, unlike almost any other Adam Strange stories.

At the end of Asterix and the Falling Sky , the characters get their memories wiped. This was presumably done because the story broke the established rules of the universe, being a Genre Shift into science fiction involving Ancient Astronauts. It also had the unexpected upshot of allowing fans to doubly ignore an extremely poorly-written, poorly-drawn and borderline xenophobic story. The first arc of Reginald Hudlin's Black Panther wasn't meant to be canonical at first, which is why the book gave a radically reworked origin to Klaw making him a Cyborg instead of a being of living sound , and then had him Killed Off for Real.

Klaw has since shown up again in the Marvel Universe with his classic appearance and no references to his "death". There is an obscure UK-exclusive Transformers comic called "The Beast Within", wherein the Dinobots merge to form a combiner simply called the Beast , which proceeds to slaughter most of the Decepticons and a number of Autobots before being destroyed.

When asked about a Dinobot combiner, Hasbro tends to deny all knowledge of such a thing, indicating they've either forgotten the comic or like to pretend it doesn't exist, something most fans are happy to agree with.

This was finally made this trope when the true Dinobot Combiner, Volcanicus, was introduced for the mobile phone game Transformers Earth Wars. However, the crossover has been officially declared non-canonical due to the Joe Books omnibus omitting them. Correspondences with Aaron Sparrow who was the original editor and rewrote the stories for the omnibus claim that the story was published without Disney's approval, as these final stories were printed after Disney revoked the license.

Played with in regards to Batman: Son of the Demon: The story was originally canonical. Then the editors decided they didn't like the idea of Batman and Talia having a son and it was declared an Elseworlds story, removing it from continuity. Then it was brought back to canonicity, but retconned so that Batman and Talia's consensual encounter was changed to Bruce being drugged and raped by Talia, in order to produce a son, Damian.

This has occurred to Betty Kane as Batgirl. Barbara is chronologically the first Batgirl and Betty never even took up the mantle. Instead, Bette as she was renamed became the superhero Flamebird. Bette is still technically a part of the "Bat Family", but fans look her over and in canonicity, this is rarely brought up.

Every time the Star Trek license is given to a different comic book company, the previous company's books get tossed into the Discontinuity bin. Though, in DC Comics ' case, they had their previous comics tossed out while still holding the license , thanks to Paramount demanding a reworking of the terms of the license so that they could exert more creative control over the comics.

The Doom Patrol has had multiple cases of this: John Byrne rebooted the entire franchise with his run, and nothing before is even remotely canonical. Fan reception was not positive, to say the least, which led to John Byrne's run specifically not being considered canonical by the subsequent creative teams, but everything it retconned out is indeed still canonical. The New 52 reboot seemed to have retconned the team out of existence.

Niles Caulder shows up in The Ravagers severely de-aged and Danny the Street is, well, a street again instead of a planet with no explanation as to why. Similarly, Beast Boy's origin is completely changed and no longer involves him being adopted by Mento and Elasti-Girl of the Doom Patrol. League featured an older Niles Caulder than the one in Ravagers , and he is indeed in charge of the Doom Patrol.

However, fan reaction to the portrayal of the team was Eventually, this version would be regarded as not canonical as well, with However, it is later revealed that everything except the Byrne and New 52 stuff is canonical, as the characters make specific reference to events from the Grant Morrison and Keith Giffen runs. The Finder arc "Torch" appears to be this, as it was abandoned halfway through and the published chapters then scrubbed from the website. Given the way Time Travel works in the Marvel Multiverse, fans are attempting to Hand Wave it by declaring it an Alternate Universe , but there has been no Word of God on that point thus far.

The New Beginning by Roy Thomas: Notably, while this carefully left Marvel's other post-Crisis appearances untouched, it removed Black Adam's significant role in the War of the Gods Crisis Crossover , establishing that Adam didn't have his powers between Billy's origin story and his return in the PoS ongoing. Crisis Compendium places or maybe dumps this story on "Earth", along with other early post-Crisis stories that got contradicted by later events, such as Catwoman: The Sonic X comic is a curious case.

As is the norm with comic tie-ins to cartoons in general, it was utterly ignored by the show it was based on , and the comic even had glaring continuity issues and inconsistent characterizations with the Anime since issue 1. However, the editorial behind the Sonic X comic was also the publisher of the regular Sonic comics, and they had the two titles cross over, establishing that the Sonic X comic exists in the Archie Sonic universe as an alternate dimension.

In other words, the tie-in comic is non-canon to the Anime it's based on, but is perfectly canon to the completely unrelated Archie Sonic continuity. In a bizarre semi- Word of God example, Mike W. Barr responded to a letter in an issue of Batman and the Outsiders wondering why Metamorpho didn't know Batman's secret identity when a previous story had Metamorpho delivering Batman's costume to Bruce Wayne.

Barr declared that story to be out of continuity and further stated that any story previously published that contradicted one of his stories was by definition out of continuity. Since Calvin and Hobbes: Double Trouble by the former and Trouble Island by the latter in this, as they'd resolved the long-running Cassandra Truth that's still present in The Series , though do keep in mind that they simply come after The Series.

Retro Chill has this problem even more, as the status quo is massively shaken up by the end. This is finally fixed in the bonus chapter of the rewritten Can You Imagine That?

The writer of Angel Of The Bat is very fond of showing his work and referencing lots of content from all over Batman and Batgirl's history, but willfully ignores bits of Cassie's backstory, including limiting her speaking ability and making her resentful of her father rather than loving towards him.

Red Hood's role also implies Countdown to Final Crisis doesn't exist in this continuity. The author of Sonic X: Dark Chaos had started writing a prequel story at one point, but later decided to go and rewrite the original story. The changes made to Dark Chaos ended up contradicting the prequel so much that the prequel was discontinued altogether. The first Myth Arc of the Halloween Unspectacular series, which begins in earnest in the third edition, ignores the climaxes of the first and second editions' Story Arcs , due to seemingly permanent Character Deaths which were then ignored in the following editions.

Zigzagged when the fifth edition brings in The Multiverse and explains that those endings did still happen, but in separate timelines from the main one. Also happens when the sixth edition kicks off the second Myth Arc , and makes it clear that it happens in an entirely new timeline where the events of the first Myth Arc never happened.

It appears that the Little Mermaid animated series designed as a prequel to the first movie has been kicked out of continuity by The Little Mermaid III: Ariel's Beginning , as Ariel's Beginning is also a prequel to the first movie that would generally be consistent with the series but features a totally different version of Ariel and Flounder's first meeting than was presented in the series.

Or it's just the one episode about their meeting that is touched — it has not been clarified. The Disney Princess roster varies significantly, tending to eliminate princesses from less popular movies.

This shows up in merchandise and tie-in books. Most notably, Princess Eilonwy and Kida are never included. One book specifically mentions that Ariel is the only princess from an underwater kingdom.

Of course, there is no real continuity involved — it's just a marketing thing. The writers for the 3rd An American Tail movie, The Treasure of Manhattan Island , caused canon discontinuity for Fievel Goes West when they had Fievel say that he had a dream where the family moved out west. Incredibles 2 completely ignores and even outright contradicts the original film's sequel video game Rise of the Underminer and the comic book series that followed it.

However, the film flopping led to it being declared out-of-continuity whereas the three movies it was meant to erase remain canonical. The Godzilla franchise is particularly infamous for this. Pay close attention here: The Return of Godzilla also known as Godzilla ignored every Godzilla movie except the original. The Heisei Era movies after The Return of Godzilla create a new timeline that is very tightly interwoven, with a largely recurring main cast and developing plotlines from movie to movie.

The "ignore every previous movie except the original" reset button was pushed again four movies in a row: Godzilla , Godzilla vs.

Megaguirus , Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack! Final Wars , has an ambiguous continuity that could fit anywhere or nowhere in the series. Highlander is one of the most retconned canons in existence outside of comicbooks. Almost all iterations of the franchise accept the original movie as canonical, with a few various retcons , but tend to ignore each other: The second movie retcons when MacLeod and Ramirez first met, now taking place on an alien planet.

The updated version of the second movie re-retcons when MacLeod and Ramirez first met, now taking place on Earth, but in the distant past. The TV series ignores the second movie, and retcons the ending of the first. The cartoon TV series accepts some of the flashback stuff from the first movie there are immortals, two of them are Connor and Ramirez and ignores everything else, including the bits of the first movie set in s New York.

The third movie ignores the then-ongoing TV series and the second movie. The fourth and fifth movies follows the TV series' continuity, while ignoring the second and third movies. Teenage Wasteland were rendered non-canonical by Return to Sleepaway Camp.

On Her Majesty's Secret Service ignores You Only Live Twice , so far as it shows James Bond and Blofeld meeting face-to-face for apparently the first time neither recognises the other when they had already met in the previous film.

Of course, both were played by different actors , but in-universe that's no excuse. The third Chakushin Ari movie, Chakushin Ari: Final , is promoted like the grand finale to a trilogy but actually ignores the events of Chakushin Ari 2.

Twenty Years Later , the seventh film, completely ignores the fourth , fifth , and sixth films, taking only the original and the second film as canonical. Season of the Witch doesn't exist as far as the rest of the series is concerned, and vice-versa.

Then again, it was intended to be this from the start, an attempt to turn the Halloween franchise into an anthology series where each film was a standalone story related to the Halloween holiday. The idea didn't stick — audiences awaiting the return of Michael Myers were extremely disappointed when they got a film about witchcraft and evil Halloween masks, and so the producers brought Michael back from the fourth film onwards.

The Halloween reboot follows in H20 's footsteps, being a direct follow-up to the original Halloween only and ignores all the other installments. Richard has stated that Shock Treatment , originally written as a strict RHPS sequel but soon to evolve into a completely different film, was a mere abortion.

Richard would eventually write both a movie script Revenge of the Old Queen and a stage musical Rocky Horror: The Second Coming that wiped the events of Shock Treatment out of the canon entirely. However, neither were produced. Rocky Balboa has all previous Rocky movies mentioned except for Rocky V , and the film doesn't even mention any events from that movie.

This is due to Sylvester Stallone 's disapproval of said movie as well as the disapproval of almost everyone who watched it. Though the next film Creed , does somewhat reference the film, indicating that it did happen, just that Rocky doesn't like talking about it. Predators dismisses the Alien vs. Predator movies and instead it acts as a sequel to the original film and the sequel while the events of Predator 2 weren't directly mentioned in Predators , neither was 2 said to not be canonical.

Universal Soldier has had numerous sequels with numerous instances of installments ignoring other installments. Unfinished Business , which were ignored by the next film, Universal Soldier: The following two films, Universal Soldier: Regeneration and Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning , ignored every previous movie except the first.

The third and fourth Pumpkinheads ignore the second, Pumpkinhead II: Blood Wings , which was tenuously connected to the original anyway.

The Jaws franchise ignored Jaws 3D when creating the sequel, Jaws: The tagline even said Jaws: The Revenge was the final installment in the trilogy. The Legend Continues is a curious case; Charles B. The studio that owned the film tried to cash in on its popularity and made a full-on fictional sequel, Return to Boggy Creek , without the involvement of Charles B. Pierce then, out of spite, made his own sequel, completely ignoring the events of Return , combining a fictional narrative about a college nature trip with more dramatic re-enactments of alleged sightings of the creature.

Wolverine is a very well-known example of this trope. After the film came out, no one was really happy with the result from the fans to the production team. Even Hugh Jackman has stated it didn't feel like a Wolverine movie , and the various contradictions it has with the original trilogy.

The prequel franchise was then rejiggered with X-Men: Deadpool also continues this, since while it has Ryan Reynolds reprising his role from Wolverine , it otherwise completely ignores that film outside of taking several potshots at it and features a completely different origin for Deadpool.

An end credits scene in Deadpool 2 takes it even further with Deadpool showing up in the earlier film to kill his previous incarnation. Days of Future Past , X-Men: The Last Stand has been erased through the Cosmic Retcon , but it's featured in flashback scenes and its existence is at least acknowledged midway through the film. Wolverine however aside from a flashback scene from Victor crushing Logan's claw is very hard to reconcile with the events shown, and the ending with Mystique seemingly rescuing Wolverine before he can be sent to Weapon X seems to make it clear the film never happened in the new continuity.

There were also several comic books and video games that were touted as "official" prequels to the various movies that were contradicted by the later films. For instance, the comic book prequel to the first movie and X-Men: The Official Game both seem to be contradicted by the events of The Wolverine.

The Heretic never happened. So does the series. Planet of the Apes: In the third film, Escape from the Planet of the Apes , Zira states that apes were held as slaves for several generations before rising up, and that a gorilla named Aldo was the first to say "no". But, Conquest of the Planet of the Apes tried to retcon that out by editing Zira's speech when Caesar watched it on tape.

There was a comic, Revolution On The Planet Of The Apes that tried to repair some of the stuff after Conquest , though its canonical status isn't clear. It's possible, though, that the changes in the events of the ape revolution are a result of a changed timeline rather than continuity issues. When Disney purchased The Muppets franchise in , they gained the rights to all but two of the theatrical Muppet films: While Disney has made call-backs to Take Manhattan in their post Muppet works, From Space and Gonzo's newfound status within the film as an alien are ignored by the continuity, returning the character to his pre designation as a "whatever".

If you look hard enough though, you can see a DVD copy of the movie in Walter's bedroom at the beginning of The Muppets. The producers have already stated that it will completely disregard Conan the Destroyer as well as the reboot. Freddy's Revenge in the A Nightmare on Elm Street series has not been clarified by the filmmakers, but it has been ignored by every subsequent sequel.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre: Even discounting the remake and its prequel , which exist in their own separate continuity, every film in the series discounts all the others save for at least parts of the original. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 completely ignores the original film's prescript, which says that the crimes of Leatherface's family were discovered, presumably so there could be a sequel in the first place.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III ignores most of the first movie, throws out the second entirely, and is almost a quasi-reboot, but it's really unclear. The Next Generation ignores both the previous films, though it does make mention of two "minor incidents" occurring since the first movie.

Texas Chainsaw 3D picks up directly after the end of the first movie, ignoring all others in both the main and remake continuities. Dumb and Dumber To completely ignores the existence of Dumb and Dumberer: Since the film was made without the involvement of Jim Carrey, Jeff Daniels or the Farrelly brothers, and was roundly savaged by critics and fans; few have had problems with this.

The fifth Terminator film, Terminator Genisys , ignores the previous two installments, Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines and Terminator Salvation , only building upon the first two films. Genisys features a different meeting between Connor and Kyle Reese than shown in Salvation and while it's moot once the Alternate Timeline plot kicks it, Kyle's opening narration states that despite the actions taken in Terminator 2 , Judgment Day still happened in August of , whereas Rise of the Machines had the actions delay Judgment Day until Ironically, Genisys ' underperformance led to it being retconned out as well, with the Terminator film ignoring it, Rise of the Machines and Salvation.

Resurrection picking up directly after Aliens and would have brought back Sigourney Weaver and Michael Biehn as Ripley and Corporal Hicks, respectively. Prometheus pretty clearly eliminates the Alien vs.

Predator movies out of Alien 's canon by stating that Weyland Industries was founded in by Peter Weyland, rather than Charles Bishop Weyland, who in the AVP films had already had a successful business by Ridley Scott has basically all but stated as of that if it isn't directed by him or James Cameron , it ain't canon. That also includes the video games, comics and so forth. By the third book, neither of those events had ever happened.

The issue of Lord Soth from the Dragonlance novels, represents perhaps the unholy lovechild of Canon Discontinuity and Executive Meddling. This did not sit well with one of the original authors of the Dragonlance series, Mr. And before dying, he repents of his crimes, regains his honor, and swears an oath to pursue redemption in his afterlife. This is a giant flaming Take That!

Animorphs has some Early Installment Weirdness , particularly with the rules of thought-speak. Thus, for the record: Tobias hearing Jake's thoughts when Jake wasn't in morph? Ax claiming that he can't use thought-speak when he's in human morph? Also, any sapient species can hear it, even if they can't use it themselves. After that, Naylor wrote the novel Last Human and Grant wrote the novel Backwards — both of these act as the third novel in the series, in Canon Discontinuity with each other.

This could equally fall under Continuity Snarl , as Last Human very briefly hand waves the events of Backwards and then goes off into its own Alternate Continuity. The actual "canon" consists primarily of the full-length novel. The stories included in the back of a later edition came first, but Card didn't have them on hand when writing the novel, so a lot of the details differ, and he essentially made them an Alternate Universe.

The stories not included are all so awful that he wouldn't even discuss them. Man-Kzin Wars short story "A Darker Geometry" was declared non-canonical shortly after it was published. Plato in The Republic , when discussing censoring stories, starts with the necessity of censoring out all myths that attribute evil behavior to the gods. When finishing The Dark Tower series, Stephen King himself stated right before the very end that fans could just stop reading here if they so wished, and simply be happy with the fact that Roland reached the Dark Tower and finally entered it.

What follows is rather cruel, after all. Previously, Roland had stated that the book Insomnia felt 'tricksy and full of lies' and did not read it. A character from the book shows up, but his actions and fate are contrary to how he acts in the Dark Tower. In the Warrior Cats series, Secrets of the Clans was the earliest guidebook.

Five years after its release, several other books had come out, contradicting some of the things it said. Please take the Super Editions, and other Special Editions, as canonical!

The Gathering novels and comics published before The Brothers' War are "prerevisionist"; any details contradicted by later material is non-canonical. The monstrous way the Wizard came to power according to The Marvelous Land of Oz was met with such fan outcry that later books, although they don't explicitly contradict it, never mention it again, and the Wizard has to be told a number of things - in part by Ozma herself - he should have known were it true.

But in a sneaky way, what was met with massive outcry when it was published has become an establishing trait in Darker and Edgier modern retellings like Oz: The Great and Powerful and Wicked where Mr.

Diggs ranges from Anti-Hero to villain. At least once, Thompson mentions the Wizard's embarrassment at his history regarding the king. None of the Star Trek novels are considered canonical by Paramount. Despite this, when Star Trek: Voyager was still airing on television, the official website stated that Jeri Taylor's novels Mosaic and Pathways were canonical as they featured background information on the characters of that series.

In by which point Voyager had finished airing , the entry was amended to state that they "used" to be considered canonical. Also, despite one crossover series, Day of Honor , leading to the Voyager ep of the same name, they aren't considered canonical, either. The short stories in the Horatio Hornblower saga were considered to be less canonical than the novels by C. Forester and he discouraged the reprinting of Hand of Destiny , Bad Samaritan , and Hornblower and His Majesty although they are available if you look.

Destiny in particular contributes to the Continuity Snarl of the Castille and Hornblower's powder burns. Ian Fleming's The Spy Who Loved Me was so widely despised - including by Fleming himself - that later novels directly contradict it, and Fleming made it a condition on selling the movie rights to the James Bond books that the producers could only use the title of the novel, not the story.

Some stories are considered parody or pastiche and do not count: Comics and novelizations of James Bond Jr. However, Frank's son Brian, having started writing his own prequel novels has made an attempt to officially de-canonize the encyclopedia. The sequel to Who Censored Roger Rabbit?

The first novel Ellery Queen The Roman Hat Mystery supposedly describes an event that happened some time in the past and mentions that Ellery now lives in Italy with his wife and daughter. The wife, daughter and retirement to Italy are never mentioned in any of the subsequent books that establish that Ellery is a bachelor who lives with his father in New York apart from a brief period of living in Hollywood.

As Kir Bulychev confessed he had never reread his own stories after publication, many of his book series are subject to that, most notably Alice, Girl from the Future , to the point that the author isn't sure in which century the plot takes place and what is the heroine's birth date.

Fans who were eager to defend him developed a theory that the books in the series feature at least three parallel worlds. Highly literary British author Martin Amis was putting together his first big hit, Money , and was running short of cash.

So he dashed off Invasion of the Space Invaders: The book is mentioned nowhere in his biography and he doesn't talk about it. The book of A Space Odyssey was written in parallel with Arthur C. Clarke 's work on the film script rather than being simply a book of the film, and contains many major differences.

The sequels take almost all the film as canon and never mention any of the glaring contradictions, such as the main action having taken place at a completely different planet Jupiter in the film, Saturn in the book. The main exception is the ending, which is taken entirely from the book and ignores the film. The Year We Make Contact actually was a film of the book and so follows the same canon as the second book Odyssey Two , following on from the ending of the book rather than the film.

The author of Worm pulled a chapter that he was dissatisfied with a few hours after posting it because it didn't make sense within the context of the story. Early in his career, Ian Rankin of Rebus fame wrote a sci-fi conspiracy thriller, Westwind , which no longer appears on his CV. The book is an Old Shame partly because by his own admission he was writing on a subject he didn't know a lot about, and also because his editors made him take all the jokes out.

The concurrent radio series ignored this development, and continued at Madison High as per usual. When the cinematic grand finale was released the following winter, it also ignored the final TV season.

Smallville episode "Eternal" is bad enough the wiki page has a section dedicated to it. Galactica , the Contested Sequel of the original Battlestar Galactica , was long considered mostly non-canonical by fans. When the franchise had its Continuity Reboot in the s, several novels and comics set in the original continuity were released. Those works made it official that the events of Galactica never happened - even though Galactica was actually added to the original series in its syndication run.

Series creator, Glen Larson wanted to do a new season of the original series, starting with Starbuck waking up from a dream where Galactica found Earth. Warrior Princess fans do not officially consider the two-part "Friend In Need" arc to be the finale, and neither do the writers of the Xena comics.

The Dark Xena arc is basically a Fix Fic - constructing a story to undo the finale and other events such as the death of the Olympian gods. Not only do the comics state that the finale cannot be canonical, the show itself makes the events of the final episode dubious at best, since it finished with Xena's soul trapped on Earth as an intangible, invisible ghost.

Meanwhile, several episodes throughout the show's run state that Xena and Gabrielle return, reincarnate and generally stick around one way or another forever. There is an urban legend among fans that Star Trek: Voyager 's "Threshold" was so badly regarded that it was explicitly stated to be non-canonical by the producers while the show was still in production and later directly contradicted on-screen.

For obvious reasons , the entire rest of the franchise has thrown this rule out the window, including Enterprise which was set before the original series. Like the above example, the rest of the series, including Enterprise , ignores this. The Next Mutation was one of the inspirations for a whole retcon of the franchise.

The producers even reassured fans that Venus de Milo , outside of history books of the series, would never, ever, ever be mentioned again. The disowning is further pronounced in Turtles Forever , where The Next Mutation as well as other TMNT oddities best left in the depths of obscurity such as Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue and the musical is missing from Shredder's slideshow of The Multiverse and just for kicks, even the ridiculously absurd anime OVA is acknowledged in that same scene.

Production-wise, this can be explained away by rights issues, but everyone knows no one wanted to dredge up those continuities again. In the Charmed episode "All Hell Breaks Loose", the supernatural is exposed to the general public when the Charmed Ones fight a demon before a news crew, causing a chain of events that ends up in Prue's death.

However, the episode "Forget Me Not", introduces the Cleaners, magical beings tasked with "cleaning" such exposures. However, thanks to time travel, that exposure no longer happened.

Maybe that's what the Cleaners intended all along, and the Charmed Ones just didn't see them. In the season-by-season Best Of series, this was the only one skipped, with "The Best of " containing material from the last episodes featuring the original cast.

The 15th and 25th Anniversary specials ignored it, save for clips of its musical guests, and the 25th special's opening titles contained a cast photo from every season EXCEPT that one. Each photo on the film strip is even labeled with the year - and have nothing between them. Additionally, episodes from the season are rarely shown in syndication. The only season six episodes that have aired in syndication are: This is the first time I've ever been shot.

It seems as though the ban on season episodes has loosened a bit due to the Internet and news of Charles Rocket's suicide in The Uncensored History of SNL do touch on this dark age, the Catherine Zeta-Jones episode from season 31 which premiered two weeks after Rocket's death had an In Memoriam still of Rocket at his Weekend Update desk, and the 40th anniversary special included Charles Rocket in the montage of cast and crew members who died during the years.

The Break The Bank , which aired in syndication. The first 13 weeks of the run a quizzer where couples earned seconds to be used in silly stunts to earn Bank Cards to possibly break the Bank were hosted by veteran game show host Gene Rayburn , who got into arguments with the producers because they thought he shouldn't be joking around during their serious and suspenseful show no, seriously.

Subsequent reruns, both in the Summer of and for a brief time on CBN, were only of Farago's episodes, with no mention of Rayburn or acknowledgement that he had ever hosted in any future airings. It's unclear how much, if anything, Rayburn had with his shows not being rerun. The only indication that he'd even been on the show was the re-randomization of the board patterns.

The Price Is Right has several examples of omitting its history. Long-time host Bob Barker has absolutely refused to allow episodes where fur coats and other products made primarily from animal carcasses were offered as prizes.

He vetoed episodes featuring ex-model Holly Hallstrom more than 2, episodes from with explanations varying, although Barker and Hallstrom had a hostile relationship at least during the later years. Barker also refuses to discuss or even acknowledge longtime announcer Rod Roddy; this is likely because Roddy, who died in , had a salary dispute with Barker, which in turn explains why Roddy did not appear on camera following Season 30 barring one appearance on the first show of Season 32, by which point Rod was noticeably thinner.

And while nearly all of the nighttime run contained furs, Barker would only really have any say on the last three seasons which he hosted, replacing Dennis. However, it seems he had some say over the James shows as well, as GSN only ever pulled out a daytime substitution from December 25, after James died in Wheel of Fortune , despite running daily since and debuting with Chuck Woolery and Susan Stafford, seems intent on putting forth the deception that it began in or with Pat Sajak and Vanna White.

Bizarrely, for their ceremonial 3,th nighttime show in , Wheel showed clips of Edd Byrnes' first pilot taped August 28, and name-checked him. They then claimed that what we were seeing was the pilot, disregarding not only another pilot taped later that day but also the original pilot Shopper's Bazaar , hosted by Woolery. They also seemed intent to, in Season 28, erase any idea that they taped out of order after longtime announcer Charlie O'Donnell died on November 1, - at the time of his death, he had done another eight weeks that had yet to air, but these were dubbed over by various substitutes as Wheel claimed "it was a tough decision, but it would have been too sad to hear his voice so close to his death" In Summer , some of the sub-announcer shows were dubbed over by the just-hired Jim Thornton including episodes where a sub had dubbed over Charlie , but shows from September and October retained Charlie's announcing.

To say fans were displeased with and confused by these decisions would be putting it extremely mildly. Perhaps one of the most famous was an early undefeated champion named Barbara Lowe. According to many accounts, she was a total Jerk Ass on air, to the point that she actually argued with Alex Trebek over a response that the judges deemed incorrect. In addition, she broke eligibility requirements, as she had been on multiple other game shows in the past few years there are strict limits on how many game shows a person can be a contestant on in a given amount of time , and many of them under false pretenses.

As a result, she was barred from the Tournament of Champions, and her winnings were withheld until she threatened a lawsuit. On a broader scope, the show makes no acknowledgement that Super Jeopardy! This was a one-time championship series of games from which aired on ABC Jeopardy! Although this incarnation produced some rather steep winnings, none of them are considered Jeopardy!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer mostly ignored the movie it was based on. And then there were multiple references of "burning down the gym to kill all of the vampires in it", a part missing from the movie.

Technically the series isn't based on the movie as aired, but on the original script written by Joss the movie was based on , which included Buffy burning down the gym.

The Big Finish version of The Tomorrow People includes a list of homo superior s who died when their powers first manifested. This turns out to include the characters from the s Revival. After Saban re-acquired the franchise, executive producer Johnathan Tzachor made a post on the official message boards saying that he considered every season made by Disney from Ninja Storm through RPM non-canonical.

That is until the news came that Toei was filming a Legend War sequence for the 20th Anniversary, and all the teams both from Saban and Disney are a part of it then again, Tzachor also claims that every incarnation of the franchise is its own continuity, even when all onscreen evidence claims otherwise, so fans are generally content to ignore him. Conversely, Paul Schrier mentioned at Comic-Con that, while the current Saban Brands production regime does not like the Disney seasons and wishes they did not exist, they are in-continuity and have not been disowned.

Early on, the Zat gun was said that "one shot stuns, two shots kill, and three shots disintegrate. This was later self-parodied in " Wormhole X-treme!

Abydos is moved into the Milky Way from another Galaxy. The Jaffa are invented and Ra's species made into the Goa'uld. Word of God explained the movie's Ra being one of The Greys as him having implanted himself into an Asgard. The way the Stargate functions is also considerably different in the movie than in the show.

However, references to the movie's events never stopped, and many fans will point out we never had it on good authority that Ra was the last of his kind the tablet Daniel read from said he escaped his dying world; it's unclear what led people to jump to the conclusion that there was absolutely no way anyone else did the same.

SG-1 's relationship with the movie is " the movie mostly happened, but we change what doesn't work for us ", although one change that was inconsistently handled due to the writers not knowing how to write for her were mid-season episodes that claimed Sam was responsible for making the Stargate work and kicking off the Stargate Programme: Jackson recounts in the film the history of how Ra came to Earth, having found it in hieroglyphs on Abydos. Ra's race are specifically mentioned as being on the verge of extinction, with Ra escaping from his dying world and scouring the galaxies plural for a way to extend his own life, finally settling on infesting the body of a boy to cheat death.

Ra's background often misremembered by fans of SG-1 and beyond as having more continuity with the series. There is even a brief moment during Jackson telling the story that we see Ra's original alien form, with it being most definitely a humanoid rather than a snakelike parasitical life-form. We also see this form briefly when Ra realises he and his ship are about to be destroyed by the bomb. SG-1's inconsistencies with the original film can be hand-waved if it's assumed that the same events happened in the series' continuity, but slightly differently.

The episode "Hathor" was effectively struck from canonicity due to the writers considering it the worst episode they ever wrote. Hathor reappeared later at the head of a Jaffa army she'd brainwashed away from several other Goa'uld, but how Goa'uld queens work was retconned due to the squickiness of the original explanation, and characters would refuse to talk about the events of the episode when asked.

This existed between the Highlander movies and series to the point of Continuity Snarls at times. The bios had Catherine being born in Bozeman, Montana probably recycled and given to NY's Lindsay and having a sister, and Grissom's father being involved in smuggling.

Making it worse was this information being included in the first episode guidebook that was released. Voor de prachtige historische steden Florence en Siena moet je iets verder reizen, maar dit is absoluut de moeite waard. Tot slot kun je ook de Chantistreek verkennen. Wij werken met een team van mensen aan Campingitalie. Dit is echter een tijdrovend proces en daardoor is het ons nog niet gelukt om de faciliteiten van deze camping te achterhalen. Wij hebben onze 'eigen' beoordelingen, gegeven door onze bezoekers.

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