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Get this from a library! Die Kathedrale von Chartres: Glasmalereien einer bedeutenden Kathedrale. [Paul Popesco; Dieter Kimpel, historien d'art.]. 03/11/ · exposition de mosaïques créées par des amateurs, amateurs éclairés et professionnels venant du monde entier: France, Italie, Japon, Royaune-Uni, USA, Australie, Egypte Quel talent!

Portrait of Sylvia Vandermeer

The Gothic tradition took over with particular examples being the stained glass works of Chartres, Bourges and Laon cathedrals (architecturally, the cathedrals of Paris, Amiens and Reims are still testament to this tradition).

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1760s - Mid 1800s

German, French, Italian and Romansh.

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Linked Data More info about Linked Data. Geography Switzerland has three main geographic regions:

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