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Quite impressive in particular is his attention to baroque authenticity and detail, with riveting emphasis on the clarity and positioning of period instruments. The striking use of antiphonal brass, the affectionate counterpoint between woodwinds and strings, and the ongoing concertante intimacy is thoroughly beguiling. Remarkable also is the truly exceptional sound world given Pinnock's captivating interpretation and, of course, the superlatively inspired playing of The English Concert.

Obviously, original instruments is the only way to go when it comes to baroque music, and compared to the recordings of, say, Gardiner and Harnoncourt, this one is stodgy and, as Mr. Libbey put it, "business-like. The Harnoncourt recording, on the other hand, may be a little too mannered and fast at times, but Gardiner finds a good middle ground.

For a different presentation of this classic work, try this performance by the English Concert. Performed on instruments of the period and with an orchestra setting more appropriate of the Baroque period, this recording will not fail to please. The recording is fully digital, adding to its splendor.

If you are accoustomed to more modern orchestras and instruments, the recording may be odd at first, but rest assured that the beauty of its sound will slowly seduce your senses. Despite its age, this remains to my mind the best performance in existence.

The CD conversion is so good that I can only tell the difference between the vinyl version which I also have and the CD version by the clicks and pops on the black disc - and before any vinyl-head argues, the turntable is a Linn Sondek with the top Ekos arm! This digital recording conducted by Pinnock is definitive enough for me.

On period instruments no less! That is innovative in a 20th Century sense I suppose! Eloquently delivered with a strange simplistically it is quite an euphoric experience. The best recording on period instruments out there! I don't know what Ted Libbey the Amazon reviewer is talking about in his editorial review!

If you want only one recording of the Water Music make this the one! This recording makes others seem lifeless and dull! The period instruments and their mastery by Pinnock and the English Concert make this the choice recording for discerning Baroque fans. Uplifting and lively, you will find yourself listening to this CD over and over again. As a side note, I do believe this is the recording used for the intro music to the "Frugal Gourmet" on PBS television.

I haven't a clue what the Amazon editorial reviewer means. What I do know is that of the many recordings I have heard of this piece, this one is unquestionably my favorite.

Trevor Pinnock is brilliant with music of this period; here, his Water Music is light and alive, yet stately and majestic too! Occasionally I pick up some off the radio. Time for my own copy. We may never know what Handle had envisioned; yet using period instruments helps.

Sometimes period instruments distract or hinder full potential. Yet with Water Music and in the house it enhances the experience. See all 8 reviews. Want to see more reviews on this item? Get to Know Us. The Index from the Acts of the British House of Lords shows the spelling of Handel's name as it appeared on his naturalization application. The title page to a Messiah Libretto reveals another spelling of his name, George-Frederic Handel.

If, however, we ignore subtle variations to his middle name, a strong case can be made that Handel intentionally adopted the English spelling of his first and last names, and continued in this manner for the rest of his life.

William H Cummings, Esq. In his oratorios he frequently subscribed his name and the date of composition: While it appears that Handel was flexible about the spelling of his name throughout his life, he was not arbitrary in his choices. Ever the astute businessman, he blended into England as best he could.

He was successful, at least in part, because the English felt that he was one of their own. Unlike his time in Italy, when he was known as the beloved Saxon caro Sassone , Handel seems to have adopted England as thoroughly as England adopted him.

I have found no evidence that 18th century Brits pronounced the first vowel of Handel in a manner approximating a German ä. But watch the whole video — it is a treat! Sumner under his stage name. The early music movement is obsessed with historical accuracy. Fortunately, the historical record is clear: Who, indeed, are we to denationalize him?

A New Handel Signature. I — 19 Geo. The University of Southampton. Is its parent directory writable by the server? He regularly performs as a concert and operatic soloist all across North America and writes from time to time. Follow him on Twitter or Facebook.

Great little article, thoroughly researched! My guide is that his music is very precise. As it stands, it sometimes comes out as country-western. On February 23rd, This is the header ad space delete this code in the Layout Options. Similar Posts Opera Corner:

His name is spelled Hendel. Sometimes period instruments distract or hinder full potential.

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While living in Italy, Handel changed the spelling to Hendel.

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